5 VLC Features to Improve Picture and Sound Quality

In the PCs that the majority of us have at house, we can perform all type of jobs, both associated to work and leisure time. All this is due, to name a few things, to the software application that we can use nowadays, solutions such as Photoshop, VLC, Word, Chrome, etc.

In a generalist environment, all these software solutions are of huge aid to us in many cases. In these lines we are going to focus on one of the most typical types of use, we are referring to multimedia players. As you already understand, these programs generally help us to reproduce all type of audio and video files. It is true that there are specific ones for among the two types, but the usual ones are generalists.

5 VLC Features to Improve

Well, if there is a proposal that tops the list as one of the most used and understood worldwide, that is VLC And there are programs of this type that are more total than others, all of it depends upon what they use us inside. In this sense, the previously mentioned VLC media player is among the most complete that we are going to find. In addition to this we can include its huge compatibility with file formats, its stability, multiplatform, etc. However at the same time it should be confessed that it has several helpful functions more noticeable than others.

That is why now we will speak about a few of these rather more concealed characteristics but that will assist us improve both the audio and the video of the material reproduced here.

VLC has its own equalizer

Whether we are talking about videos or audio, sound as such is a key element, so adapting and enhancing its quality is really important. For this we can use the VLC equalizer that it has actually integrated. We can access it from the Tools/ Filter and impacts menu and in the Equalizer tab we discover it.

ecualizador vlc

The program has several of them already predefined, or we can alter the settings to produce our own equalization mode.

Audio filters

Continuing with the audio section, state that the program, in a single window, uses us an excellent number of functions with which to improve this. For this we just have to go to the Tools/ Preferences menu, where at the bottom we trigger Whatever. In the list left wing we find the Audio/ Filters entry, in which we click.

At that minute in the best panel we will see alternatives that allow us to normalize the volume, broaden the stereo impact, trigger a parametric equalizer, etc. We can test what interests us most in each case.

filtros audio vlc

Set the audio gain

It should be noted that in this same area, before clicking on Filters, we just have to go to the Audio section, we also have the possibility to improve this. Specifically, we can force digital support, set up the gain, or set the output mode by default.

Use video filters

How could it be otherwise, VLC also uses us some enhancements when it concerns video. In truth, just like noise, we have a broad area of filters that permits us to adjust the image to the viewing mode we choose. To do this, in the Tools/ Preferences menu, where we currently have actually Whatever triggered, we go to Video/ Filters.

Hence, in the right panel we see alternatives to include a sepia tone, blurred video, wave type, or VHS. These assist us to provide it a various appearance, however to improve it we can spot the edges if there are any, get rid of flickers, define the image more, etc.

Image settings

It might likewise be the case that, depending upon the kind of screen, we need to correct some more fundamental aspects of the video. Here we describe specifications such as shade, brightness, contrast, or saturation, among others. All of this can be discovered in the Tools/ Impacts and filters/ Video Effects menu.

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