6 Common Programs that You Should Remove from Windows to Optimize it

In order to use the computer, and adapt it to our needs, it is necessary to install different programs. Depending on the use that we are going to make of the PC, we will install some or other programs. Problems come when, over time, we accumulate programs that, in addition to being unnecessary, considerably slow down our computer and make everything go slower. Therefore, if we want to start 2021 well , we must analyze what we have installed and delete the programs that we will not need.

There are many programs that, although they are installed on the computer, they do not load any process. These, initially, would only occupy space on the hard disk , but would not affect the performance of the PC. However, there are other programs that are running on the PC all the time, programs that, if we do not need them (and probably not) only weigh down the general functioning of the PC.

6 Common Programs that You Should Remove

Bloatware of the PC, and of Windows in general

When we buy a new computer, it comes with a large number of pre-installed programs. In addition, Windows 10 itself installs by default a number of programs by default, of which we will not need many.

Therefore, we must eliminate everything that we are not going to use. The antivirus installed being an OEM PC, the copy of Nero , the promotional Office 365, PowerDVD , other players and backup programs, games and the tools that we have that we will never use. If we repent in the future we can always get them back, but for now, they are well protected.

Plugins and add-ons, performance and security issues everywhere

The first of the programs (or rather, a set of them) that we are going to talk about is a series of plugins used on the web. For example, Flash , Java, or Silverlight . These plugins, nowadays, are unnecessary for most users. And not only that, but using some of them, like Flash or Silverlight, is dangerous.

eliminar flash desinstalador

Java is the only one that can be freed, although it is less and less necessary. The programs written in this programming language come with their own libraries necessary to run, and unless we do paperwork with Social Security, we have to sign with Java, otherwise this complement is not necessary.

CCleaner, the most installed “spyware”

How are we going to recommend removing what, years ago, was the best program to clean and optimize Windows? So that’s it. Things have changed in this program, especially since Avast bought it. CCleaner has gone from being a complete cleaning and optimization software to being a software that spies on users, collects usage data (which it uses for commercial purposes), displays advertisements and, in addition, runs in the background all the time on the PC.

With much more powerful alternatives, such as the Storage Sensor, or BleachBit, continuing to use this program is irresponsible.

uTorrent, an advertising nest

We are in a situation similar to the previous one. If this program is one of the most popular torrent clients, why uninstall it? Nowadays uTorrent has nothing to do with that of a few years ago. The current program is full of advertisements and features that claim that we pay for the Pro version. Furthermore, it has become very heavy and resource-consuming software.

uTorrent en Windows 10

We have much better alternatives, such as qBitTorrent or Transmission, which can be much more useful to us.

Adobe Creative Cloud, unnecessary program updater in the background

If we have installed any Adobe program (Photoshop, Acrobat, Premiere, etc.), surely the Creative Cloud has been installed on the PC. This program runs in the background all the time and what it wants is that we always have the programs updated.

Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop - versiones beta

It is complicated (and not recommended) to uninstall Creative Cloud without uninstalling the other Adobe programs, but what we should do is ask ourselves, on the one hand, if it is really worth using these programs (in terms of price and performance that we lose) and on the other if, even if we leave it, we want it to run in the background or disable it.

QuickTime, Apple’s useless player

Finally, we are also going to uninstall QuickTime , a multimedia player that, although it could be useful years ago, today is totally unnecessary and counterproductive. This player comes installed by default in macOS, but in Windows it is not worth it. And less considering that, since 2016, it does not receive any update.

If you want a good media player, then we must try Media Player Classic, or VLC. Two programs that will undoubtedly more than satisfy your needs.

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