A Xiaomi Mattress that Gives Massages? This is the Bluplace Bekrypton T1

The Asian manufacturer is an expert when it comes to presenting the most curious gadgets. The truth is that the catalog of Xiaomi products available on the market is really wide, being able to find all kinds of gadgets that make our lives a little easier. And now he has just surprised us with a new smart mattress that has some features that make a difference.

To launch this Xiaomi mattress that you can control with your mobile phone, the firm has used its Youpin collective financing platform where it has had overwhelming success. Your secret? The Bluplace Bekrypton T1 is surprising, since it boasts a series of technical characteristics that will allow you to rest in the most comfortable way, in addition to a very attractive price.

Xiaomi Mattress that Gives Massages

A mattress that gives you massages

As is customary in this type of solution, the Beijing-based firm has teamed up with Bllupeace to launch this Bluplace Bekrypton T1, a smart mattress that integrates a massage that resembles the waves in the sea, so that little by little go relaxing all your muscles.

The idea is that it wakes you up in the morning through a vibration system that prevents you from getting up startled by the mobile alarm. And to sleep, the massage is distributed around the waist and legs to relax and help you rest. All thanks to an airbag that integrates this Xiaomi mattress to simulate the rhythmic action of the waves, pushing and pulling the body to relax and help you sleep. Its more than 2,000 support points simulate a real massage to offer you an extra relaxation.

Masaje del Colchon Xiaomi  Bluplace Bekrypton T1

Keeps the temperature constant at all times

On the other hand, it should be noted that the airbag that integrates the mattress simulates the action of massaging the waist, releasing the pressure and helping the muscles relax. And be careful, it does not leave your legs aside, since you can also adjust the airbag to lift your legs, which facilitates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles of the legs.

Continuing with the benefits offered by this Bluplace Bekrypton T1, to say that the mattress also integrates a temperature sensor so that it remains stable at all times. In addition, you can regulate it through the Mi Home application , so you can choose the option you prefer with your mobile. Best of all, this Xiaomi mattress can be used both on top of another mattress, or directly thanks to the fact that it is 6 cm thick so it is not at all uncomfortable to sleep on it.

As you may have seen, this Xiaomi mattress has a series of functions that make it simply impressive. Well, the most surprising thing is its low price, since the Bluplace Bekrypton T1 can already be reserved in China for only 999 yuan, less than 125 euros to change for the individual model and 1999 yuan, about 250 euros to change for the family model .

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