All the News of the Photo Gallery in EMUI 11

If it is so important that our mobile is able to take good photos, it is no less important to have a manager where we can store them. This is where the photo gallery comes into play, installed as standard on all devices as a solution to access our photo and video albums. Huawei has been improving the gallery, but several of its big changes come with EMUI 11.

Improving the photo gallery was one of Huawei’s pending subjects. The Chinese firm wants to prevent its users from downloading third-party applications to manage images, and that happened by giving a spin to their own “Gallery”, something they have done taking advantage of the new EMUI 11 layer.

What’s New in the EMUI 11 Gallery

Huawei has listened to its users, and corrected some errors of the past. Now it will be easier to identify albums from photos, which used to appear as a tangle of photo folders with random cover photos. Huawei’s gallery in EMUI 11 integrates three fundamental novelties:

Album design

Now the EMUI 11 gallery has a new layout, which is similar to a magazine with a more visual overall presentation. The albums will be organized automatically taking into account the frequency of use, as they will appear at the top. This guarantees faster access. However manual organization is always an option , which is also available. Now, by clicking on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the gallery, you can select “sort albums” to sort albums freely by dragging the icon.

huawei galeria


It is one of the aspects that has been improved with respect to EMUI 10.1 Now, the gallery allows to have more styles and fonts to represent the best moments. It also allows you to change the cover of the highlights, without the system choosing a less appropriate photo at random.

huawei galeria

Discover and create videos

The creation of collages and videos has also been renewed in EMUI 11. Now the “Discover” tab of the gallery works as a tool to generate this content in a more professional and simple way. You just have to click on “Create video from scratch” or “Make a collage.” A “long collage” option has also been added , allowing you to select between 2 and 9 photos that will be automatically arranged to display an effortless collage.

huawei galeria

Stories can also be created, with five predetermined templates, which will allow you to create a professional result ideal for content creators on social networks. Each template offers different effects with unique transitions and background music. The goal once again is to achieve as polished a result as possible in the shortest time.

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