Always on Display on Mobile: Reasons to Activate It or Not

In recent years we have actually seen how those Android news that came as nearly a “interest” have actually remained as essential alternatives for many users. We refer to functions such as video game modes, the well-known dark mode and of course, Constantly On Display. This last function is progressively present in all kinds of mobile phones, but it is practical to understand it thoroughly to be clear about its advantages and downsides.

The reality is that producers have actually lagged far behind in the development of battery performance and capability, while our smart device was needing increasingly more energy. For this reason and to avoid sacrificing advanced styles, parallel technologies have been highly developed. Now the energy efficiency of the processors, the screen, the software application is improved and naturally, functions such as Always On Show are included , which mix the visual area with energy saving.

What is Always On Show for

The Always On Display function (AOD from now on in this post), is a tool that permits users to tailor their mobile lock screen to show the time, date, battery status, notifications and more while the screen is off. The goal of this is to minimize energy intake by not having to turn on the screen many times, which is what actually consumes more energy, as it is done tens or numerous times a day.

Its usage can be more or less reliable, depending on the terminal in which it is activated. This function was at first scheduled for terminals with an AMOLED panel, which only switches on the essential pixels on the screen, therefore increasing the aforementioned conserving and making sense of this mode. However, and in both cases, there are certain benefits and disadvantages of triggering the AOD on our mobile.


Advantages of AOD

  • See information at a glance: this is your primary advantage. It permits that at a look and without turning on the screen, we can examine the time, the battery level or the pending alerts.
  • Battery intake: this advantage is relative and can likewise be found as a drawback as we will see later: Nevertheless, AOD will save battery for users who switch on the screen too many times a day, compensating for the information that the mode offers, compared to the energy that it spends the screen when turning on the mobile and accessing the very same info.
  • Automatic deactivation: there are particular times when AOD can deactivate itself, such as when the terminal remains in the pocket or turned over. In addition, the system can likewise disable it when the battery is low.

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Downsides of AOD

  • Battery usage: Ironically, AOD can likewise backfire. It is specifically in the previous case that we have actually seen prior to. The function will consume more energy in the cellphones of users who do not generally switch on the screen a lot of times a day for the classic time inquiries or pending notifications. If this holds true, this function will take precious milliamps that would not go away with the screen totally off.
  • Personal Privacy: depending on the configuration, it can expose delicate details when alerts or other information show up on our gadget. It is constantly shown on the screen within simple reach of anybody.
  • More and more advanced: this, far from being a benefit, the truth is that it stains the essence of Always On Display. As the various layers of the manufacturers go around the function, it fills with colors, animations and more aspects, which of course will take in increasingly more energy.

What conclusions do we draw?

The reality is that the idea is really excellent, as long as the user makes a really extensive usage of the on-screen queries so that the cost savings make sense. Nevertheless, its modernization with brand-new functions, colors or animations, can endanger its essence and that the battery consumption skyrockets. In addition, we have to keep in mind that its activation still makes good sense on OLED and AMOLED screens, while other screen technologies will not take advantage of the function, offering a “incorrect” sense of savings.

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