Android 11 and One UI 3.0 are Updated on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

The update race has begun, now that manufacturers have mastered the Android 11 codebase and the customization layers are prepared with the news, the pace of updates seems to have accelerated at least at Samsung. The Korean manufacturer sends the latest Android update and One UI 3.0 to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite right now, but it will not be the only one.

Although in Samsung’s update plans for 2020 and 2021 the S10 Lite was placed in January and the S20 FE also lagged behind, both have come to the fore and have already begun to update. The S10 Lite, which hit the market in January 2020, receives one of the most important updates this year so as not to be left behind with respect to its successor.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite update debuts

Although it is not something usual, the launch of the update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite with Android 11 has started in Spain and India. A specific reason is not known, but it could be based on the interest and number of sales that have occurred in our country of this particular model. The attractiveness of the Snapdragon 855 processor and the good value for money that this smartphone has shown, make many have trusted it as a phone and today it is still relevant.

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This allows us to notify you that you can check it right now on your smartphone, just by entering Settings> Update and software, proceeding to search. The firmware version G770FXXU3DTL1 is the one with which this update is identified, which in addition to Android 11 and One UI 3.0, also adds the security patch of December 2020. If in your case it is not yet available, we will have to wait a few days, since the deployment is done in a staggered way by units, but it should not take long to appear.

Aesthetic, functional and performance novelties

Once we have completed the update, we can see how aesthetics above all are the first thing that catches our attention, since One UI 3.0 maintains the line marked in its previous versions but they continue to improve. In addition, important and interesting changes are offered regarding the widgets and the system’s own applications to make them more intuitive and complete.

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We can also enjoy the chat bubbles on the Galaxy S10 Lite, which we met with Android 11, as well as improvements in optimization in the system. Digital well-being and parental controls also improve, adding more options so that the mobile is much more complete. These and other novelties are all that we will be able to enjoy just by updating the S10 Lite, recommending that you do it connected to the WiFi network so as not to consume the data rate and with at least 70% battery.

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