Android 12 Will Improve the Themes with Color Customization

We are very close to knowing the first version of Android 12 for developers, which includes important aesthetic and functional changes. One of the first that we have known adds an extra customization that users have been asking for for a long time and it would be the possibility of changing the color of practically the entire system with the Android 12 themes that the Google Pixel smartphones integrate among other smartphones.

For several generations, themes have been part of Android, although this new version would try to extend it to more terminals. Until now the color change in Android was very limited to the accent, allowing manufacturers to even offer this color change to tasks of the customization layers, something that we can find in Realme UI or OxygenOS.

The color change of Android 12

As they have been able to find out in the 9to5Google portal , they are working on a native theme system with which users will be able to choose the accent in combination with other colors throughout the system and applications. However, the simplest thing would be in the system, since the apps should be adapted to offer this change, as has happened with the dark mode of the applications, which must be compatible for the change in the system to take effect in the apps.

temas android 12 color

Among all the elements that would change color with the Android 12 themes, we find several sections such as the panel of shortcuts, notifications and menus. When exporting this option to apps, the first to receive it would be Google Play, Gmail or YouTube, as it is owned by Google.

temas color apps android 12

We show you some models made to try to get an idea of what this change can mean. In them we can see how the change would affect the system, but also applications such as social networks, which could limit it to a variety of tones. We will have to see to what extent the color change is free in Android 12.

Personalization on Android without root

The possibility of changing the color of the system and applications is not something new, since we have already seen it for several years with Substratum . However, to achieve this you need some “skill” to change the ROM and be able to use the themes that the developers offer. With this change we will not have to do any of this, offering customization options at the push of a button.

Logotipo de Substratum

With this change and others that we hope to see, Android tries to bring to all users options that the most advanced know and take advantage of. The Android operating system seems to be offering everything that users want with the intention that iOS does not nip on its heels as we saw with the Android 11 chat bubbles, despite having more difficult to apply changes like this, due to the variety of customization layers available.


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