Apple Products for 2021: iPhone Rumors and More

With 2020 already coming to an end, it is time to look at a 2021 that is seen as hopeful in every way. Pandemics aside, the Cupertino company has already focused on a multitude of products that have not officially commented on anything, but about which there are already rumors and expectations from users. We analyze them all in this article.

There will be 4 new iPhones … or 5

After the iPhone 12, the firm led by Tim Cook already put its eye and hands on the iPhone 13 (or whatever they want to call their successors). In fact, like any company of this caliber, it is possible that they will begin to design it even without having launched this year’s models. Be that as it may, the company is expected to re-launch four new devices in identical sizes to this year’s, so we would see iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max . We insist on emphasizing the null officiality of the name, since the company may once again bet on the “S” nomenclature and call them “12S”. That or completely change the nominal paradigm of their phones.

Apple Products for 2021

Although in general design no major changes are expected after the changes introduced in the last two years, there are doubts regarding the elimination or reduction of the notch. Four years will fulfill the famous iPhone eyebrow in September 2021, at which time a change in this sense would already be played, something that has been claimed since the successor of that iPhone X that released it. There is information for all tastes in this regard, although what sounds louder is that they reduce it.

iPhone concept without notch

There will be improvements in cameras and there has even been talk of the arrival of LiDAR to standard models, although it seems unlikely because it is an important differential element between these and the ‘Pro’ versions. In any case, it is certain that there will be improvements here as every year, as in the A15 processor that is expected for these devices.

The big question is in the hypothetical iPhone SE 2021 , which would be the third generation of the popular compact device of the brand. It does not seem to make much sense to release this special version only one year after the previous one, but when the 2020 model was presented there was talk of the ‘Plus’ version that would reissue the iPhone 8 Plus with improved features and identical design. It seems impractical with an XR and 11 that still do very well in sales for the company and meet the demands of design and performance in these sizes.

Apple Silicon will continue to evolve

Beyond the M2 chips that the Mac mini, MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro could incorporate after having released the M1, the company is expected to launch new computers with its own processors. In the range of laptops we still need to know the 16-inch version, while there is talk of the return of the 12-inch MacBook. Of the ‘Pro’ model of 13 it has been speculated that it will have 14 inches after a redesign like the one that was made big a year ago.

The great hope of the staunch Mac fans is in the iMac and is that there is a lot of expectation for these computers with Apple Silicon. In addition, it is joined by rumors of a redesign that is expected like May water after more than a decade in which differentiating one generation of iMac from another has been difficult.

The iMac Pro and Mac Pro are also highly desired, although in these cases it is not so clear that the Californian firm is going to immediately incorporate its own chips. Given the importance of these teams for the professional field, it is possible that the company prefers to wait until the transition started this year by the developers is already much more advanced. However, this is on the right track and every week more and more applications are added working with the M1 natively.

Apple Watch Series 7, with a new design?

Since the arrival of the original Apple Watch, there has not been a single year in which it has not been renewed. Even this year we had an ‘SE’ version, which could continue next year without waiting for a second generation. Regarding the Apple Watch Series 7 , some news regarding health, battery improvements and even a slight design change are expected. The latter was predicted by well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo several weeks ago, hinting that they could lower the frames even more than they did from Series 3 to Series 4.

Sensores Apple Watch

AirPods 3 and more over-ear headphones

It’s time to see a third generation of the already classic Apple wireless headphones and according to rumors they could be identical in design to the AirPods Pro, but without noise cancellation. Apart from this we could see a ‘Lite’ version of the AirPods Max . Are those famous ‘Studio’ that we thought would carry these by name? It is not official, but Jon Prosser and other analysts have predicted two versions of the headband AirPods for months, so it would not be unreasonable to see an intermediate version that also ends up completely eliminating (or almost) the Beats range.

AirPods Max de Apple

Big HomePod 2, we are waiting for you

There are no rumors of this, but given the meticulous technology released by the HomePod mini, there are those who already dream of seeing a renovation of the classic HomePod that improves the experience even more. Given that in 2021 it would be 4 years in the market, it is already having a renewal.

IPads and their complicated future

We love iPads and with the arrival of iPadOS in 2019 they have been completely reborn. It is clear that they are excellent devices, but there are several factors that leave serious doubts about some of them. The fact that the iPad Air 4 closely resembles the 11-inch ‘Pro’ in design and performance leaves the latter in a no-man’s-land. That the large model does not have much difference in price compared to a MacBook Air, too. Therefore, it will be necessary to see the readjustment that the company makes of its range of tablets, with iPadOS 15 on the horizon and with possible new features that end these doubts.


Its entire range is expected to be renewed, including the iPad mini . Precisely this one would gain even more integers if it is given a modern design without frames, but maintaining its same compact size. There are no rumors about it, but by dreaming that it does not remain. The fans of this device are many and would welcome it with open arms.

AirTags, Apple Glass and other products

So far we have discussed the current line of Apple products, with the exception of the iPod, but we still need to comment on all those non-existent products so far in the brand’s catalog. We start with the AirTags , devices that are official even without being introduced. This kind of keyrings that will serve as location labels for objects was already known in the iOS 13 code, so its development has been long. It was scheduled to be presented at one of the 3 events this past fall and Apple is even said to have recorded it. However to this day they are still a ghost product. March could probably be your month.

A lot has also been said about the company’s glasses , even stating that this year we could see a small sample. Nothing is certain, but given the many patents the company has filed this year it is clear that they have it in mind. It remains to be seen if they focus on virtual reality, augmented reality or if they bet on both versions.

Beyond this there are many other unknown products that could be launched. The possibilities are indeed endless. However there are no rumors of anything else on the horizon. The Apple Car has gained strength these last two weeks, but the latest reports already put it between 2025 and 2027, so at most we could see some improvement in Apple Maps or an autonomous driving system in advance of it.

Apple TV+ novedades 2021

It should be noted that services such as Apple TV + and Apple Arcade will continue to grow their catalog with the arrival of new titles. We will also have to keep an eye on the newcomer Apple Fitness + and its claimed arrival in new countries such as Spain.

Software, another year will be key

We commented on the iPad point that iPadOS 15 could be key, but so will iOS 15 , watchOS 8 , to a lesser extent tvOS 15 and, of course, macOS 12 . And yes, we dare to name the Mac operating system with 12 after having spent almost two decades with the ’10’ in its nomenclature until the arrival of the current Big Sur.

From the software it is more difficult to foresee anything, since they are closed projects in Apple Park from which it is difficult for there to be leaks, despite what was seen this year with iOS 14. Therefore we will have to wait for the WWDC 2021 scheduled for June if we want to know exactly what will be the new thing that we will have in our devices.

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