Apple VR Glasses: Clues About Its Launch and That of the AR

Apple is one step away from expanding its product line after several years exploring other areas far from the iPhone, iPad or Mac, although always close to them. The Apple Car is being one of the most talked about topics in recent months, but also the virtual reality and augmented reality glasses that the company prepares. In fact, it was not known for sure what the company planned regarding two devices that, despite their similarities, offer completely different experiences. In a recent report published in Bloomberg by analyst Mark Gurman, it has even been possible to know the date on which these projects would officially see the light.

First a virtual reality device in 2022

There are still those who speculate that this year we will see something related to Apple glasses, however Gurman in his report has made it clear that it will not be before 2022. In fact, he has not said that it will be safe next year, but that has set it as the minimum date. In any case, what he says is interesting from the point of view of wanting to know what Apple will do in the following years.

Apple VR Glasses: Clues About Its Launch

Gurman explains that this first device would be focused on virtual reality, either in the form of glasses or any other accessory that allows you to enjoy that technology. He compares it to existing devices such as the popular Oculus or the PlayStation VR. They would probably have a specific focus on video games that would serve to enhance the Apple Arcade catalog, although they may present new applications with which to squeeze that device.

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AR Apple Glass will take a little longer

Virtual reality, which would have the device discussed above, has the characteristic of offering a completely fictitious environment without real elements. Augmented reality (AR) for its part tries to implement fictitious elements in a real environment, which today still has a very wide margin for improvement and above all a definition, since tools are hardly used today. that we have at our fingertips. If we also look at the resounding failure of Google Glass we can see it even more in perspective.

According to Gurman, the VR device would be the guinea pig of AR glasses, being an interesting precursor to analyze, both at the level of sales and user experiences. Therefore, if we take into account that the previous ones would be launched, at least in the year 2022, for these we would have to wait even longer. All following Gurman’s information, of course, since there is no official information about it.

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The price will not be very attractive

Apple and price are two words that tend to be controversial and in the end it is really subjective, since in the end each one assesses whether the prices established by the brand are more or less fair. However, from what Gurman predicts, it does not seem that with Apple glasses there will be exceptions to this perception, since he states that they will be more expensive than the competition.

If we then look at the industry benchmarks, the Oculus 2 have a starting price of 349 and 449 euros depending on the storage capacity (64 and 256 GB). Although now it is possible to find the odd offer, the idea is located in those margins. The same happens with others like Sony‘s, which are priced at around 300 euros. Therefore, it would not be surprising that those of Apple started from, at least, $ 399, which translated into euros would be a much higher amount than that of the competitors.

We insist on emphasizing that these information are not official, but the analyst who has commented on them has sources close to the Californian company and behind him has a long list of successes in his forecasts. Therefore, despite the caution, we can get an idea of what they plan to do in Apple Park with this type of device that today does not exist in their catalog.

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