Apple Watch Series 7 Video Concept to Launch in 2021

Apple Watch Series 7

Changes in the Apple Watch Series 7 have been rumored for months, a device scheduled for next September. There has been no leaked image and in fact it is not known for sure where the development is, but some interesting video concepts have already emerged that show renders of what they could be based on the rumors. In this article we analyze one of the most interesting.

Rumor context for the concept

It should be noted that of the little that has been leaked from the Apple Watch Series 7, there are those who have been left with that it will change its design . After 6 years maintaining the same aesthetics, except for slight changes in the front when it went from Series 3 to Series 4, nothing revolutionary is expected either, such as going to a round appearance or as many other shapes as have been imagined these years.

Apple Watch Series 3 y Series 4Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4. Image: Tom’s Guide

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was the one who first predicted this change, although in his reports he did not speak of abrupt changes but of small details , so that probably all concepts that imagine drastic changes will remain on paper. Probably the change could come from the front, optimizing the space even more and leaving super-reduced frames after the already notable change that was made in the Apple Watch Series 4.

Would you like an Apple Watch like this?

In spite of everything, that dreaming does not remain. This concept video was shared on the YouTube channel TechBlod and serves to leave us open-mouthed at a hypothetical Apple Watch Series 7 with a new design on its sides and front. Again we emphasize that it is not an official Apple image, but the way the designer has worked this video gives it a lot of realism, so much so that even some clueless might think that if they are promotional images of the future smartwatch.

As you may have seen, this Apple Watch would be very reminiscent of the new iPhones , which have recovered the flat sides with curved corners that the iPhone 4 used to debut and left the iPhone 6 behind. In fact, it would be a good way for Apple to match all its product lines, since the iPad have also begun to have similar sides and something similar is expected in the MacBook Pro range for this year.

News such as 5G or WiFi 6 are also based on some of the most discussed speculations for the watch, but they are not confirmed news either. The blood glucose meter is not mentioned as it is a video uploaded in early December, while this rumor has come out this week. In any case, they are details that in the end are not important and that serve as an accompaniment to a curious render that we are sure that many would sign as the final design of the Apple Watch Series 7. Unfortunately, we have to wait until September to find out what this will really be like. device.

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