Apple Watch Takes a Long Time to Turn on, Why?

When you need to turn on the Apple Watch, you may sometimes despair of the slow power on. This can be caused by hardware problems or simply by the battery. In this article we tell you the possible reasons as well as the solutions.

Battery takes time to work

In many cases, the battery can be the main culprit in the turn-on time of an Apple Watch. In general, when the watch is put on the charging base, it turns on in a fast way like other technological products. The problem comes when the battery is depleted below the starting limit . This means that the Apple Watch will not start until a reasonable charging time has passed.

Apple Watch Takes a Long Time to Turn on

The a priori problem that can arise is that many users think that the clock does not work correctly. But the truth is that the solution to guarantee a quick start is to let it charge calmly with the company’s official adapter. This offers the necessary power for the correct operation of the Apple smart watch, and above all, charging with a wall charger so that it does not take too long. The latter is something that can happen when you want to load by connecting it to a PC or Mac.

carga apple watch

This inconvenience can occur especially when you have not worn the watch for a long time. Or it’s just been several days or weeks since it went through the charger and you’ve been squeezing all of its battery out through the time display. Luckily, as we have mentioned before, the solution is really simple.

Delete all its content

In the event that the battery discharge is not the main problem to start the clock, you should choose to think about its content. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow a formatting of the software as such to be able to eliminate those files that would be preventing the clock from starting in a correct way.

Although, there are some ways to get something similar to formatting the Apple Watch done. When unpairing it from the main iPhone, all its content will be deleted and it can be configured from scratch. To do so, the following steps must simply be performed:

  • Go into the Clock application and choose your team.
  • Scroll down to ‘General’.
  • At the end of this window you will have the option ‘Reset’ and here you just have to click ‘Delete contents and settings’.

restablecer apple watch

From here you will see how your watch restarts and the unpairing process begins. Once it has been unlinked you can proceed to reconfigure it from scratch as if it were fresh out of the box. This can end up solving most of your problems.

Software updates

Bugs are obviously always present in the operating system as it is not perfect. That is why all the updates that arise must always be installed. They do not always include relevant aesthetic improvements, but they do add important improvements in security and especially in performance. The latter is important to highlight as it can end up improving ignition times substantially. If you stay stuck in an old version, these bugs may end up affecting you.

actualizar apple watch watchos

Request a repair

In the latter case, you must adopt by requesting a repair at Apple itself so that they can perform a diagnosis. The battery can be in the weak point before these problems and this is something that can only be reviewed by the company. If it is within the warranty, it is likely that they will carry out the repair or directly give you a replacement equipment. But you must always bear in mind the importance of carrying out the repair at an authorized site to avoid problems after the fact.

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