Are P2P Networks Secure? Tips for Using Them

When we want to download something from the Internet or share files with other users we can use different methods. One of them is what is known as P2P downloads . It is basically a set of computers connected to the network where there are no servers or fixed clients. There is a series of nodes that act in the same way with each other. It is a very interesting option to share information and data between devices that are interconnected.

P2P networks, are they safe?

There are many myths related to Internet downloads . We can read information that downloading files can infect our computers, that they can use platforms of this type to steal passwords or access the victim’s systems. It should be noted that all this could happen, but what matters most is the use we give. That is, in what way do we use P2P platforms to download.

Are P2P Networks Secure

A P2P network takes advantage of the resources of a network to be able to share content with other users. Distribute the bandwidth for that purpose. Therefore, the speed and quality of a download will depend on factors such as the Internet rate that we have contracted (the maximum speed in this case) and the use that we are giving at that time (for example, if there are many connected computers and that may limit it) .

Now, is it safe to use P2P networks to download? The truth is that if we do not make good use of these services, it could be a risk. We could have problems, as we will see next.

IPStorm, nuevo malware por P2P

Data leakage

Our personal information , computer data or files that we have on the device could be compromised. There could be a data breach that puts our privacy at risk. It is one of the negative aspects of making use of P2P networks and making mistakes.

We must always keep in mind what we are sharing and with whom. In addition to avoiding giving more permissions than necessary to the applications that we use and that could access personal and sensitive content that we do not want to be filtered on the network.

Malware download

P2P networks are used to download content . Not everything there is is legal, as we know. We can find files that have copyright. Sometimes a movie, game, or any other file that we find has been maliciously modified and it really isn’t what it should be.

This is where hackers introduce malware. They create a file with the name of that movie, music or book that we want to download and what we are actually downloading to our computer is malware that could steal information.

Resource consumption

Although it is not a problem directly related to security, it is another of the inconveniences that we can have when using P2P networks. This will depend especially on the resources of our system . The less we have, the worse.

Whenever we download data or we are sharing files with third parties, our team is putting its resources to make this possible. We could have problems navigating from other devices.

How to use P2P networks safely

We have seen that, if we do not take adequate measures, P2P networks can be a problem that affects our security. Now we are going to give some basic tips to try to reduce the risk as much as possible and that everything goes correctly.

Choose the program to use well

The first thing is to choose correctly which program we are going to use . It is very important that we inform ourselves in advance online. There are many options and not all of them are safe. We could be installing some dangerous software, which has been created to attack.

Therefore, the first step we must take is to choose well where we are going to download the program and which one. You always have to download it from official sources, thus avoiding third-party sites that may be a problem.

Download only trusted files

When downloading files you have to make sure that they are reliable. We must not download software that we do not really know if it is legitimate or who has uploaded it to the network for later download. We could be downloading malware without us noticing.

Have security tools

Of course you always have to have a good antivirus . We have at our disposal many programs that serve to protect us online. Especially when we are going to use platforms of this type, we must be well protected.

We have many programs at our disposal. There are both free and paid and are available for all types of platforms and devices. No matter what operating system we use, we must always have security tools.

Have updated equipment

Another issue to keep in mind is to always have the latest versions and patches . Sometimes we come across certain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. This is a problem if we have not corrected it previously.

Our advice is to always have the equipment updated, but also the P2P programs that we are going to use. This way we minimize the risk when downloading or sharing files over the network through these types of services.

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