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Gaming Mouse Pads

If there is something that can be an impediment when buying a video gaming mouse, it is precisely the truth of not having a toolbox of parts offered for sale for replacement due to use or tear. A growing number of users are looking at the support of parts, since mice are progressively long-lived and adjusting to a new one requires a great deal of time and training. Within them, what suffers one of the most are unquestionably the mouse pads, however where can we buy brand-new ones?

Do not be shocked if you really have trouble discovering the right replacement for your PTFE gaming mouse pads. These pads are normally not offered by makers, considering that they consider that they are hard enough to find an alternative to them. The truth is that with hours and hours of gaming marathons they end up using out, specifically if we take into account that we can put a lot of pressure on them or expose them to more or less aggressive surface areas.

Where to purchase replacement gaming mouse pads?


As we well know, each mouse has a different shape of pads and they do not generally share them with other designs. There is generally one type of pad per mouse, special and non-transferable, so discovering it can be a complicated task depending on which brands.

Perhaps the most obvious concern would be, why alter the pads? Basically in order not to lose efficiency, because both velocity and braking, in addition to the range from the sensing unit to the surface worsens or less, so we not only lose range and time ratio, but precision can also be lost.

Buy the mouse pads in the online store of the brand name?

It is usually the first step for each kid of a neighbor, trying to find the part on the brand name’s own website. Regrettably, it is uncommon to discover a company that provides these really particular items, specifically if the mouse is 3 or more years old.

And if that happens, either the model is commonly known and the brand keeps it present, or we will not have the choice to buy them.


It is generally the best recognized website and where it is possible to discover any PTFE pad without too many issues. It is true that in lower recognized mice these do not work like that, but usually we will have no problem discovering our design as soon as it has had great sales.


In our country you have to define keywords such as PTFE, replacements, slider or similar so that the replacement will appear in the search. Normally they are external sellers who use them, as a basic guideline outside our nation, so you will have to blend English with Spanish to discover them. Other words that work well are: feet, or mouse feet, skates or skate …


It is where we will discover the greatest number of units and range by far. It will be tough not to find the particular one for our particular model. We can use as a guide the same words that we have put for Amazon for example.

The only problem is that as normal, the replacement may take a long time to show up, however it is the rate to pay to find it.

If for whatever factor we can not discover them officially, we can always buy a piece of PTFE and suffice to our taste following the pattern of the original pad. We will just have to make certain that the density is the closest to when we bought it, so it would be required to add between 1 mm and 3 mm around and depending upon the wear it has suffered.

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