Canon MREAL S1: Augmented Reality Glasses and Futuristic Vision

Canon MREAL S1

Nobody saw it coming, but Canon released some augmented reality glasses . They are the MREAL S1 and although they are not something very aesthetic, they are yet another indicator of the avalanche of devices of this type that await us in a matter of, perhaps, two or three years.

Canon’s other vision

Canon is ready to launch a new product where of course there are image sensors capable of capturing both photos and video. But they are not going to be used in a conventional camera as we are accustomed to, nor in any proposal similar to that particular monocular with camera functions. This time what they have in their hands are new augmented reality glasses called MREAL S1.

The MREAL S1 are not the first augmented reality glasses that the brand manufactures. Some time ago it launched two previous proposals called MD-10 and MD-20, but comparatively these are much lighter (137 grams ) and less bulky. Still, the design is still very particular, very sci-fi comic. So they are not something to take down the street as some want with so much Apple Glass buzz.

Canon’s idea here is to offer a device with very specific uses within certain environments. For example, to see what the interaction with some type of conceptual product would be like. Something that in the video shared by the brand shows the way in which users could interact with an object that without being present and without being able to touch it would allow us to see what type of interaction it would offer.

And like the previous example of the car, many others of the type of being able to place objects on other surfaces or real scenes that would surround the user who was wearing these glasses. In short, nothing really that has not already been seen in previous presentations of proposals from other brands such as Microsoft and its Hololens, etc.

An evolution in size and shape

As we said before, the MREAL S1 are not Canon’s first augmented reality glasses . The brand has already launched two models in the past, the MD-10 and MD-20. The difference here is in the dimensions of the device itself, which are gradually being reduced thanks to the advancement of technology and manufacturing processes of the different components.

Even so, despite being a product that only weighs 137 grams, it must be said that it is still something bulky to always wear. At least if your idea is to go down the street with them. In work environments things change and there it can be very convenient details such as being able to lift the front part as if they were protective glasses.

Finally, in the event that anyone thinks they could take advantage of it, getting a Canon MREAL S1 will not be cheap. They will cost $ 38,000 , but you would not only buy the glasses, but also the software, the equipment necessary to run it and the maintenance that Canon would offer both at the application and hardware level.

A product of the future, not the present

With everything seen, the Canon MREAL S1 are a very particular proposal that look to the future, but they are not logically something of the present. There is still time for us to see solutions of this type reach the consumer user and begin to integrate them naturally, as we have done with the smartphone or other connected devices, to their day to day.

Apple’s glasses , one of the most anticipated products, would hopefully go into the second half of 2022 . And yet it is possible that what is seen at that time is only a preview of what would come months later. But as we say, these types of solutions may be very striking, but they are not something that right now we can say that they are viable and for everyone.

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