Cheap Mac Chargers: Which Ones Are the Best?

If your MacBook battery charger is broken, you will need to purchase a new one. We can find official chargers, the fact is that some cheaper options end up being much more intriguing. If your battery charger hasn’t broken and you just want to have an extra one, these will likewise assist you appropriately charge your MacBook.

Are third-party battery chargers quality?

The chosen brand names are licensed by Apple for their proper operation. Certainly some will pack faster and others slower depending on what you select, but in the end all have their quality accredited. In reality, there is something crucial to remember which is that they have defense systems versus overheating and other problems that may emerge during charging, so this is a more assurance of comfort for you and your MacBook.

Cheap Mac Chargers

Power adapters

Baseus USB-C Battery Charger


The Baseus brand name provides you in this case a power adapter with USB-C output so that you can utilize it to charge your devices, particularly your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, considering that it has a power of 100 W and up to three different ports so you can likewise connect other devices. It’s definitely an excellent alternative if you wish to minimize power adapters or have a lack of plugs in your room.

TOPK USB-C battery charger


TOPK offers in this case a power adapter that has 2 USC-A ports and one USB-C port, which will be simply, the latter, the one you will utilize to charge your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. It uses a power of up to 65 W, for that reason, completely covers the energy requirements of your Apple laptop computer and, in addition, it uses you 2 other ports to be able to charge the gadgets you require.



Among the brand names that offers more devices for Apple products is CHOETECH and, naturally, it is also present in this collection with its 65 W power adapter, which has a USB-A and another USB-C port, the needed one to be able to charge the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. In addition, its style and dimensions make it ideal for all journeys or if you have a little area in your room, without a doubt, a very intriguing choice.

MagSafe chargers for MacBook

Madprice charger


If you have a MacBook Pro before 2012, definitely the options in the battery charger market are scarcer every day, here is the Madprice brand name 60 W charger with which you can charge your MacBook Pro before 2012.

Rocketek charger


MagSafe charger, however not for the iPhone, if not for the Mac, in this case, for the 13, 15 and 17- inch MacBook Pro that have this charging technology. It has a power of 85 W capable of feeding the energy requirements of your MacBook Pro. It is also suitable with MacBook Air designs that have MagSafe technology.

AndMore Charger


The AndMore brand name provides you, in this case, a MagSafe battery charger for the MacBook Air 11 and 13 inches after 2012 and prior to2018 A wonderful choice if you are looking for a low-cost and quality charger for your fantastic MacBook Air. It has a power of 45 W.

Cables with USB-C requirement



In this case, Nimaso has this USB-C to USB-C cable suitable with MacBook Air and Pro that have this charging technology. This cable television can holding up to 60 W of power and you have it available in different sizes, so you can adjust your purchase to the requirements you have.



UGREEN is another brand name that constantly provides devices to Apple items, and obviously it does not fail to provide you a great USB-C cable that you can utilize to charge both your MacBook Air and your MacBook Pro, as long as they support this charging technology. Efficient in holding up to 60 W of power and likewise available in various sizes.

Helpers lab USB-C charger


In this case we are not just bringing you the USB-C cable television, but Helpers likewise brings you the power adapter in this ideal pack to satisfy the energy demands of your Apple laptop, considering that it is compatible for both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. It can supplying as much as 65 W of power.

Zasun USB-C charger


The Zasun brand name offers, with a style extremely comparable to Apple’s original, a USB-C battery charger, which, like the previous choice, finishes with a pack in which you have both the power adapter and the USB-C cable television, with a power of as much as 87 W.

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