Rakurakusoft.com is a website that circulates software or drivers for printer devices. In this case, all driver or software application related to the printer brand is entirely theirs. We only share software/drivers widely to all printer users around the world to make it easier to operate the printer.

Rakurakusoft.com carries out not to keep the copyright to all types of content or software that we share on this website. All types of driver or software that we share here are direct links from the official websites of each printer brand.

All copyright on this website is addressed to all Official Brand printers via https://epson.com/Support/sl/s


All own or third-party trademark is the sole property and responsibility of their respective owners. Responsible for the website does not have any relationship with any manufacturer or developer of hardware or software unless is indicated clearly.

Responsible for the website does not store software or third-party drivers. We simply offer access to links of each software and driver which can be obtained freely via the Internet. The user is responsible for respecting and adhering to the license agreements of each company or person. In case of doubt please contact those responsible for the software or hardware of your interest.

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