Controllers for Xbox Series X and Series S: Very Top Options

Controllers for Xbox Series X and Series S

That the work done by Microsoft with its incredible next-generation consoles has been simply flawless. The Redmond-based manufacturer continued to make its Xbox Series X and Series S a resounding success in the market.

Two new-generation consoles that arrive loaded with high-end hardware to stand up to its great rival, the Sony Playstation 5. But without a doubt the most important element to enjoy the Xbox Series X or series is the command. An essential component to be able to play your favorite titles in the most comfortable way. Along with the console comes this peripheral, but the truth is that it is not bad to have more than one spare.

Reasons to buy a replacement remote

Mando Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

There are many reasons why you want to have a replacement controller for your Xbox Series X or Series S. It may be that friends or family come to play the console on a regular basis and you prefer to protect the original controller from possible damage or falls. Not to mention those marathons giving cane to FIFA and other games, in which the controls end up safely covered with remains of chips and other snacks.

The solution is as simple as buying a compatible controller for the Xbox Series X or Series S. This is where the good work from the manufacturer comes in once again. Mainly because the new Microsoft console is compatible with all peripherals and their predecessors. Or what is the same: you will be able to connect any Xbox One controller without any problem.

A round move by Microsoft to get away from Sony. Let’s remember that the Xbox Series X and Series S are backward compatible with all previous consoles. And the fact that you can use peripherals from the rest of the models is a value to take into account. Not to mention the vast catalog available when buying a peripheral of this type, so options are not going to be lacking at all.

Models to consider

This can be a problem, as finding the perfect controller for your console can be a real headache. For this reason and to make things much easier for you we have prepared a complete compilation where you will find the best controllers that you can buy to use on your Xbox Series X or Series S.

Models that exude quality from each of their pores and whose functionality is more than assured. It should be noted that for this top we have selected the best high-end controllers for Xbox, their price is a little higher than usual. In return you will enjoy a high quality of finishes, programmable buttons, other options that make the difference with respect to conventional control.

Do not worry when connecting them, since they are very easy to link with your Xbox console , so you should not worry about this aspect. Without further ado, we leave you with our compilation with the best peripherals you can buy if you are looking for a quality controller for your Xbox Series X or Series S.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Controller

Mando Xbox One Elite

First of all, and how could it be otherwise, we have the official command for Microsoft gamers . Yes, the Elite model is an old acquaintance that offers a quality of height finishes, in addition to a very great quality: adjustable tension control levers, trigger lock and more elements that make the difference with its rivals.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

The manufacturer Razer is one of the heavyweights when it comes to buying a controller for consoles. And your Razer Wolverine Ultimate will be the best adventure companion for your Xbox Series X or Series S. A model with great customization options so you can adapt it according to your tastes and needs.

Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro Controller

Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro Controller

In third place we have another first sword in the gaming sector. The French firm boasts a high-end catalog, and this Thrustmaster ESWAP X Pro Controller is an excellent example of this. A controller for Xbox that has interchangeable modules so you can customize the controller to your liking.

Razer Wolverine V2

Razer Wolverine V2

Another excellent option to consider is the Razer Wolverine V2 controller. A peripheral compatible with the Xbox Series X / Series S and that has some very interesting details, such as a sensitive trigger mode with which you will squeeze your favorite shooters like never before.

Xbox controller

Mando Xbox

You also just want a replacement Xbox controller that meets your expectations. And the model that comes with the console offers excellent ergonomics and quality finishes. So your purchase is a sure hit.

Xbox Special Edition Controller

Mando Xbox Edición Especial

If you are looking for a model with a different appearance, but that guarantees great quality, do not miss this special edition of the official Xbox controller. Its design is impressive, in addition to having a design created to comfortably adapt to any size of the hand.

Xbox Limited Edition Minecraft Controller

Mando Xbox Edición Limitada Minecraft 

Not enough options? Well, do not miss this fun Xbox controller for the most ardent fans of the popular Microsoft game. If you like Minecraft, you can’t miss it.

Xbox controller WangSH

Mando Xbox WangSH

Continuing with this compilation of the best controllers for Xbox Series X or Series S, we did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend this model. Its great incentive? It has a support to use it with the mobile.

Krom Kumite

Krom Kumite

Before we have indicated that one of the great advantages of the Xbox Series X and Series S, is that both consoles are backward compatible with previous models. So you will be able to enjoy a really complete catalog. And, if you are a lover of retro games or fighting , do not miss this peripheral to have a perfect controller with which to emulate those afternoons in the arcade with your friends.

X91 Wired Controller

X91 Wired Controller

We close this compilation with a perfect model if you want a compact and powerful remote. Keep in mind that it works with cable, but its extension is more than enough to be able to enjoy this peripheral without worrying about the distance with the console.

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