Create Original Birthday Greetings with Word

In these times, surely you are aware that we use the PC for all kinds of tasks, from professionals to other more domestic ones. This is something that will be very useful for us when we do not have much knowledge, since we have the possibility of creating certain digital content. This is precisely what we will talk about now with the usual birthday wishes.

Despite the facilities we have, many users still remain faithful to the more traditional greetings that we sent a long time ago. At the same time, digital birthday greetings are much more common, like the ones we are going to show you in these lines. We can find or create these in a multitude of different ways. All this is something that we can carry out both from the computer we sit in front of every day, and from a mobile phone.

Create Original Birthday Greetings with Word

Its quality or originality will depend to a large extent on the work we put into it. With this, what we want to say is that when sending a greeting of this type, on the Internet we can find many already predesigned. But we cannot forget that most of what comes to us through these channels, we can reuse them with other contacts. In fact, this is the most common thing that is done in most occasions. At the same time there are many users who prefer to be a little more original or detailed in this sense and make their own designs.

Alternatives for your own birthday greetings

At the moment we have a multitude of options with which to design our own creations. We find applications that we install on the PC or mobile, or with web platforms that are very helpful for this. There are more complex and complete than others, but to say that most of them are free. In fact, these applications try to facilitate these design tasks.

plantillas cumpleaños

From the outset, they already offer us a series of designs that serve as the basis for customizing them later. How could it be otherwise, this greatly facilitates this type of task. But as we mentioned before, there are users who prefer to go a step further in this type of work and make their own designs. In fact, they prefer to design their own birthday greetings from scratch, or almost, something we will help you with.

One of the most popular and used applications around the world, it will be helpful for this that we are talking about, we are talking about Word . As you know, this is a program that has gradually grown to become the powerful tool of today. Despite being a text editor, it offers us certain more than interesting design functions.

Create your birthday greetings in Word

This text editor that integrates with the most used productivity suite in the world, Office, will be of great help to us for these tasks. Whether we want to start from scratch, or if we are going to need some kind of help from you, its use is recommended. Thus, in these lines we are going to show you how you can start and create your own birthday greeting from the beginning to send later. Of course, everyone can use the components they like best for all of this, all depending on the complexity of their design.

Insert a background image

In most cases, the first thing we need is an image to serve as the background. To integrate it into the Word document, what we do is access the Insert menu, where we choose the Images option.

Menú insertar imágenes

Here we can choose on the PC the one that seems most appropriate for each specific case. The most appropriate in this case is that for example they are personal images, or a photo of the recipient. All this will depend on the tastes or preferences of each one, but this step will automatically add the chosen image to the Word document we are working on.

Add personalized texts in Word for the greeting

Here it is worth mentioning that we have the possibility of moving the image that we have added in the background by simply dragging it with the mouse pointer, or resizing it from its corners.

redimensionar felicitacion

This is something that we can carry out with as many images as we want, but let’s move on to the following. In any greeting worth its salt, something that cannot be missing is a personalized text for each recipient. At first we might think, since we work in Word, that it is enough to write the text with some color.

But you have to know that this program offers us an excellent solution in this same sense. It will be of great help to us, for example in this case we are talking about. Specifically we refer to the use of the tool called WordArt . This is a function that allows us to create spectacular personalized texts that in turn are treated as individual objects. So we can move and resize them in a simple way as with the image. We can achieve all this from the menu option Insert / WordArt of the program itself.

Insertar wordart

A new box will appear in the document in which we can type the text of the congratulation. First, we must choose the format of it from among the many possibilities that we have. Word offers us a good number of options and design formats to choose from. Once we have entered the text as such, as was the case with the image, here we can move and resize this box with the WordArt.

feliz cumple softzone

Create a birthday greeting with templates

On the other hand, we can find ourselves with the circumstance that we do not want to use one of the many designs that circulate on Internat. But at the same time we do not want or can start from scratch, either for time or knowledge. Don’t worry, Word tries to make things a little easier for us in this sense.

We say this because we can still be a bit creative, but without getting too complicated. This is something that we are going to achieve by making use of the templates that the program itself offers us once installed. To access them we open the program but without creating a new blank document. At the top we find a search box where, for example, we can type the term Birthday.

buscar plantillas word

On the screen we will see that there are a good amount of Word templates specially designed for this type of specific congratulations, from which we can choose the one we like.

plantillas word cumple

At this point, all we have to do is look for the design that interests us the most and then select it to load on the screen. This template that we are talking about, will serve as the basis for the birthday greeting on which we will have to start with the customization tasks.

Tarjeta word softzone

In it we will have the possibility of making all the modifications, both in own elements and in those that the template has by default. In this way and in just a few steps, we will obtain really striking results without having to strain.

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