Differences between USB Cables and Connectors to Charge the Mobile

Although users do not normally offer it the significance it should have, the USB cable that we utilize to charge the mobile has a close relationship with the charging speed of the mobile, as well as with the results it provides us.

Innovation distinctions in USB cable televisions

movil huawei conectado por usb

USB 1.0

The first USB requirement that we understood in 1996 used us an upload speed of 1.5 Mbps, which was increased to 12 Mbps in the USB 1.1 version.

USB 3.1

Although it may appear like a small improvement, the brand-new requirements for mobile cables and adapters with USB 3.1 innovation used another crucial step in the market to allow 10 Gbps in the very first generation and in the second generation under the name USB 3.2, allowing a charge quickly up to 20 Gbps

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