Fall Guys Launches a New Skin of Ninja, the Popular Streamer

Fall Guys is not only one of the most popular games of this 2020, it is also one of the best ones knowing how to take advantage of all that interest that the subject of aesthetic improvements based on skins and other objects awakens. Now, Mediatonic has launched a new skin by surprise that will allow you to be a clone of Ninja, the popular streamer.

Fall Guys Launches a New Skin of Ninja

Ninja enters the Fall Guys

Until not long ago, athletes and movie actors were the main references for millions of people around the world. They were those who wanted to look like or how they wanted to be, who envied their way of life, opportunities, etc. However, all that has now changed and it is the most popular characters on the internet who set the pace for many and who are the model in which they look.

One of the clearest examples is that of Ninja. The popular streamer has achieved a great impact that has not only served to sign million-dollar contracts with different streaming platforms, but also for many developers to fight over him and his image. Because they know that it can become a great claim in order to continue achieving new users or reactivate the interest of those who were.

Mediatonic, which is getting the pulse of this type of initiative very well, has launched by surprise a new skin for its popular game Fall Guys with which you can be a clone of Ninja in these fun and chaotic competitions. And the best of all is that it is not something really complicated to achieve, a couple of crowns will suffice. Or what is the same, win a couple of times. Although if you have a good progression during the season it is possible that you can also get hold of the two parts of which it is composed.

Because, as you can see in the images, with a crown you get the upper part of the headband in yellow and that same spiky hair in light blue. And with the second crown the lower part with that clothing so characteristic also of the popular streamer.

And yes, although it may seem strange to you that someone wants to dress like him, you only have to see that next shot where at the beginning of a new round you could see that there was enough desire to get this aesthetic improvement. Because you have to remember that they do not provide any type of advantage, it is only a way to differentiate yourself or show that you have a certain level in the game.

A strategy to stay relevant

Without a doubt, maintaining interest in a video game is a very difficult task today. Because there are many games that are released practically every week, so if you achieve a certain level of attention you have to do whatever it takes to maintain it.

In that sense Mediatonic seems to be knowing how to do it. It is true that having important figures in the world of live shows helps, but also with actions like these or the changes in the maps that are being applied in the middle of the season without having to finish them.

Those details that surprise its players are the ones that then allow them to gain some impact again and thus regain the attention of those who did not know the game yet or did not feel the need to try it when they first met it.

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