Firefox Uses a Network Partitioning Feature to Improve Privacy

There are many internet browsers that we can utilize on our systems, however without a doubt one of the most popular is Mozilla Firefox We are utilized to seeing functions and tools for internet browsers that permit us to enhance security and safeguard our information. In this short article we echo how Firefox is going to enhance personal privacy with a brand-new function to divide the network and prevent information from being exposed.

Firefox includes a brand-new function to safeguard information

We currently know that personal privacy is a very essential factor for users when using the Internet. There are numerous methods that hackers can use to, in one method or another, jeopardize our info. This can be utilized to send out targeted advertising, include us in spam lists and even sell it to 3rd parties.


It is precisely when utilizing the web browser, when visiting web pages or services on the network, where we can have more dangers. This time from Mozilla they will include a brand-new anti-network department tracking feature that enhances the personal privacy of users on the Web. Its function is to get rid of certain tracking methods that depend upon the shared cache performance.

Everybody knows how cookies work They can serve, among other things, to track the users of a website. Now, it needs to be noted that there are also other tracking techniques, such as making use of information that is kept locally and can be utilized for that function.

Previously this cache was set up for file sharing and that makes sense from a performance viewpoint. Rather of needing to download files as sources for each site, the internet browser could simply pack it from cache if the file had actually been downloaded from another website previously. A websites can use the information to figure out if a user visited another website before.

Firefox looks for to get rid of tracking

Now, from Firefox 85 , Mozilla’s web browser is going to divide network resources to remove this kind of tracking. This is meant to improve user privacy, although it needs to be noted that it could likewise impact performance. At the end of the day it is no longer possible to share resources which is going to take additional time compared to loading it directly from the cache. However, this will depend on the sites we check out, considering that if they do not share resources it will not be discovered.

Those who have an interest in consulting the Meta Buz can do so on the Bugzilla site, where they show this new function. The new variation of Mozilla Firefox is arranged to be released on January26 It will be from that moment when we can utilize the function of dividing network resources and, in this method, that personal info can be more protected.

It is always crucial to maintain our information when we browse the net and particularly when utilizing services and platforms that could collect personal information. For this reason, we likewise leave you a tutorial to enhance privacy when browsing. A series of interesting ideas that we can put into practice.

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