Halo Online No Longer Available for Xbox 360

343 Industries, responsible for the online game of Halo for Xbox 360 , have bad news for their users: the servers that allow online play will no longer be active for this version of the popular title.

Goodbye to Halo online on Xbox 360

Halo Xbox

One of the realities that all players must face is the closure of online services that allow them to play with other people over the internet. Because without a business model for subscription or similar, which allows to assume certain levels of expenses, few companies can really maintain their servers for so many years.

That is the case of Halo in its online version for Xbox 360 . 343 Industries has announced through its official website that its online servers will soon stop working , affecting the experience of said title for that specific platform. Although again, it may not be entirely surprising.

With this announcement, what is explained to users who are still playing it on said platform is that from next December 2021 they will no longer be able to do so . Yes, they will be able to continue playing the titles individually, but everything that has to do with online functions, matchmaking and other related services that are still available will be either limited (in the best case) or disabled. completely in the rest.

This decision corresponds to phase 2 of a process that has long been made known to all fans of the saga on Xbox 360. A phase that will also imply that from then on the digital versions of Halo for this Microsoft console will also leave if available. Although if you have it and by some chance you have not downloaded the DLC, you can still do it for free.

When it is completed, phase 3 will arrive, which will be the disconnection and that will take place on December 18, 2021. To finally run phase four where everything will finally close and a large part of all this data will have been migrated to the Halo Master Chief collection of those that we have already talked to you on some occasion. Which is really worth it if you are a fan of the exclusive Microsoft title.

To make the leap to the new generation

Halo Infinite secret audio

The arrival of online and digital games are completely changing the way we continue or will continue to enjoy video games in the future. With these server closures it may be that, if they do not want to launch reissues or include them in future platforms through emulation or similar, many games will end up being lost in the memory of the users.

This is something that with previous consoles, where the internet was not practically essential, it did not happen and as long as you kept the cartridge or disk you could continue enjoying them for years. Now everything changes, although it is also what users are asking for the majority or they do not care what happens, because there are so many games available that it is really impossible to play practically everything that is presented.

However, it is clear that on the one hand it makes sense for 343 Industries to do this. Because the Xbox 360 already has its years and just as few are interested in revisiting some of its classics on that platform. So nothing, to jump into the new generation and assume that what you like you have to enjoy now, because then it is too late.

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