How Good or Bad Is the iPhone 12 Mini Camera

The Apple model that has gone the most unnoticed and not only because of its size, is the iPhone 12 Mini. This smartphone has already been in the hands of the DxOMark team, to carry out the rigorous photography and video test , leaving no one indifferent with its results. A small terminal that maintains certain similarities with the iPhone 12.

These similarities have allowed it to place next to the iPhone 12 in the score offered by DxOMark, but below other models such as the iPhone 12 Pro and competitors such as the Oppo Find X2 Pro or the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This small model with 122 points, however, goes over the Mi Note 10 or the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, showing that in a small size there can also be large cameras.

How does your camera stand out?

Although it falls outside the top 10, the iPhone 12 Mini shows that it handles with ease in practically all situations. Get an exposure at the height in a variety of cases, which allows us to get the most out of it even when we are backlit or in low light. This is preceded by the dynamic range, which is not always convincing, however.

pruebas camara iphone 12 mini

It also performs well when it comes to focusing, both in photography and video, the iPhone 12 adapts to situations quickly. This allows the portrait mode to be a success with its 12MP main lens, which performed well indoors and also indoors in various situations.

Without a doubt, when it comes to video, it is also a great tool, not only because of what we have already seen but also because of the optical stabilizer that achieves surprising results in tests. These video results are achieved in part as well, thanks to Dolby Vision HDR technology processing.

The most negative of the cameras of the iPhone 12 Mini

The dynamic range is the point to be worked on by Apple, which offers us somewhat poor results for an expensive smartphone . When shooting landscapes on cloudy days or with high variations between light and shadows, there will be a very present problem that is not always solved by AI. In addition, the flashing lights are in many cases a difficult problem to solve, which have to coexist with us.

destello foto iphone 12 mini

As for noise, it especially becomes a problem in low light situations, something that is rarely solved with the built-in flash. The limitations of the telephoto lens of the iPhone 12 Mini are evident, because since we do not have a sensor explicitly for this, we opted for digital zoom with poor results.

We cannot ignore the low level of detail on the iPhone 12 Mini , which is repeated with both the main lens and the wide angle. We will not be able to make too many cuts or try to focus the attention of the photos in a single point since we are not facing a great lens.


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