How the Wi-Fi 6E of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Works

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most powerful mobile in the history of Samsung. The hardware section of this device allows the Korean firm to show how far it can go. Although it will not be the company’s best-selling terminal, it will undoubtedly be the most desired. In addition, among its milestones is being the first phone to integrate the Wi-Fi 6E standard . What is this?

Many of the newest technologies go unnoticed. This usually happens when it is something ahead of its time, and that cannot be used in mass, so it is not popular. However, if you are going to have the most advanced Android mobile on the market in your hands, you may have one of these technologies.

First mobile with Wi-Fi 6E

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, claims to be the first smartphone to have the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi 6E network . We are facing the new generation of Wi-Fi connections, which is a leap, but at the same time a transition period between Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 that will come in the future. We are facing a new standard, which like all evolution, promises faster, more stability, and lower energy consumption in Wi-Fi connections.

wifi 6e

Only with a compatible chip

In the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Wi-Fi 6E is possible thanks to the BCM4389 chip from Broadcom company. The networks known as Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5, use the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands , and we know that the first has a greater range but is slower, while the second has a shorter range but offers higher speeds. . We also have the 6 GHz band, precisely the Galaxy S10, the first terminal that was compatible with this standard.

broadcom bcm4389

However, Wi-Fi 6E manages to reach the 6GHz band for the first time , reaching up to 7.125GHz . Among its advantages, it has a three-band connection architecture, improving the quality of the Wi-Fi signal, the location and five times better energy management. In addition, the Wi-Fi 6E standard has 7 additional 160MHz channels. This means that it has a wider channel width, ideal for the transmission of content in high resolution in 4K. To differentiate the devices that support this technology, the letter E (Enhanced) is precisely added to the name WiFi 6.

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