How to Activate the Point of Updated Apps on Android

There are dozens of apps that we can have installed on our mobile, and in some of them even more. And of course many of us do not have time to know if an app has been updated, if not by looking at the apps page itself or by opening them. Well, there are alternatives on Android to know if an app has been updated, without having to open it.

That an app has been updated is always a positive thing, or at least most of the time. Because it means that the app either includes improvements, such as new functions, or fixes existing problems. Unless it’s one of those fateful updates that breaks things. There are different ways to know that it has been updated, without opening the app .

From the settings of your mobile

One of the ways to find out is directly from the home screen, looking at the app icon, that may be enough, since if a colored dot is shown on the icon, it means that it has been recently updated. This is something that normally has to be activated in the settings, so that it is shown in the icons. We find it in the screen settings, or the home screen , the same place where we usually choose what type of application drawer we want.

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This functionality usually has a name similar to ” Show updated application point “. If you cannot find this function, the best thing is to do a search in your mobile settings for these words or similar, it will probably appear among those available. Although there is also the possibility that the manufacturer of your mobile has added this function by default on the mobile, and the update points are already shown in the apps.

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With the Play Store

The other alternative has to do with the Google Play Store app , which is after all the place where all the apps are updated. Within its settings we have the possibility to choose to be notified of the apps that have been updated on our phone. In this way, when one or more apps are updated, we will see a new notification warning that this app has been updated to a new version, so we can know that there is news in it before opening it. These notifications are usually disabled by default, and can be activated in this way:

  • Open the Play Store
  • Click on the settings
  • Activate “Updates completed”

Once we select this functionality, we can choose the mode in which the updates will be displayed, which apps have been updated. We can choose to add the point to the icon , which we have also been able to choose in the phone settings. Or that they are displayed within notifications , either in the notification bar itself, or on the lock screen itself.

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