How to Change the Keyboard on Android Phones Step by Step

The options and possibilities in Android sometimes seem endless, something that also happens when talking about on-screen keyboards. However, to be able to choose one of them, you will have to follow a few steps if we want to modify the default keyboard in Android , which is usually Gboard, but in some cases it varies depending on the manufacturer or the customization layer that you use.

Change the Keyboard on Android Phones

In any situation, the Android options allow us to choose a different keyboard on Android and the steps couldn’t be simpler. However, if our Android mobile has a customization layer we may need to know the steps to change the keyboard on Samsung mobiles or choose a new keyboard on Huawei . In the Android stock versions recognized as Android 11, Android 10 or Android 9, the steps will be as we will see them in images.

Download the keyboard you want to use

To start with the process we need the keyboard that we want to use, in no smartphone is more than one installed and therefore it will be essential that we go to Google Play to download another from the store, where among the most popular we undoubtedly find Gboard and with SwiftKey. We can choose one for its functionality, colors that are striking to us or because its aesthetics are more attractive to us.

descargar teclado android

In all cases, the next steps to follow will be identical. We do not even need to open the app that we have downloaded, as this would make the process different and in some cases following the configuration of the keyboard apps, the result does not always end successfully.

Change Android keyboard

Now what we have to do is based on the mobile settings. Among the possibilities that will seem to us will be the keyboards that are installed in the smartphone, prepared and ready to become the writing system on the mobile screen , once we configure the process. The steps that we must follow then are these:

cambiar teclado android

  • We begin by entering the Settings.
  • Then we look for the section called System.
  • Next we enter Languages and text input.
  • We tap on On-screen keyboard.
  • We choose Manage on-screen keyboard.

This will allow us to see all installed keyboards, where those based on voice control, keyboards designed to improve accessibility and traditional on-screen keyboards are combined. We just have to mark our favorite keyboard to use on Android and uncheck the other one that we have been using so far. To check that the change has been applied, we access any app that will allow us to write and we will see how without doing anything else, we can use it.

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