How to Change the Keyboard Size on Mobile

Whatever the brand of your mobile, certainly as quickly as you switch on the terminal you have actually recognized that it is not completely comfortable for you to compose your texts. Do not fret, you don’t require to alter the mobile keyboard, you simply need to access its choices to alter its size, raising or decreasing its height to your preference.

Numerous Android users believe that their keyboard size is small. The default size of these apps, by default, might appear rather reduced to our hands but fortunately, it is quite easy to increase the size of the keyboard and make typing with the mobile much easier. In the exact same way, if you believe that it uses up too much space on the screen, we also provide you the choice to lower its measurements.

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Boost or reduce the size of the keyboard on your Android

Without actually knowing why, the keyboard settings in Android are usually really hidden. For some time now, lots of layers of personalization have actually had a search engine in the Settings app to rapidly discover what we desire to set up. Just type “keyboard” to access its modification panel.

If not, you can constantly access the System menu, select Language and Text Input and, once inside, click the menu called “Virtual keyboard”. this text may be various depending on the producer.

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In this area you must choose the keyboard you have actually installed on your mobile. The most regular thing is that it is GBoard, the Google keyboard, or a manufacturer’s own application. Whatever it is, you need to select the one you have active on the phone.

Once within, all you need to do is scroll through the screen up until you find the Preferences menu that enables us to change the size of the keyboard on the mobile

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Within this menu you will find an area called Keyboard height that enables you to increase or decrease the space it inhabits on the screen. Some layers of customization include a preview to this menu that enables you to see at a look how I carry out, if this is not the case, we advise that you utilize multitasking to examine the size you desire.

Go rotating between the different alternatives (Very high, Much, Medium-high, Regular, Medium-little, Little or Really low) and open a char app, for example or WhatsApp, to see how the keyboard size is being in each one of these alternatives used by Android settings.

Bear in mind that the choices menu will be different depending on the app you have set up but the course to change its dimensions will be identical.

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