How to Create a Homemade PowerWall to Store Electrical Energy

In Spain the electricity companies have applied an increase in the electricity rate that will affect the bills of all users. It is a measure that especially collides with the complicated climate that is being experienced in these weeks, but it seems that there are users who already anticipated all this. How? With a PowerWall.

What is a PowerWall?

Create a Homemade PowerWall

A PowerWall is nothing more than a household battery that is designed to store energy obtained through solar energy or the electricity grid itself. Thus, if you have photovoltaic solar panels , you can capture energy and store it to use it later, avoiding having to use the traditional electricity grid service.

The concept of PowerWall is not new, obviously. Tesla itself offers a model in its catalog since 2015, a model that is currently in its second generation and that many American consumers are adopting to save on the electricity bill and supplement the charging of their electric vehicles.

How to create your own homemade PowerWall


And then YouTube appeared. Or rather, Joan Olaria. Joan is a YouTube user who has a very interesting channel in which he shows his creations and crafts with different tools, but it seems that his channel has evolved in the last year towards the research and installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

Decided to set up a solar energy system, he decided to buy an inverter and solar panels to start not depending so much on the traditional electricity grid and save on the monthly bill. But as he explains himself, the whole solar issue hooked him like a drug, and with the help of other youtubers advanced in the field, he decided to continue advancing with his installation and take the leap to the next level: the PowerWall.

With a series of tremendously instructive and highly entertaining videos, Joan explains step by step and in great detail how she has designed and built her own PowerWall, a high-capacity home-made battery made up of recovered second-hand lithium batteries, a fairly market interesting that in addition to encouraging recycling, it allows creating batteries with a much more affordable price.

These batteries usually have lost a small percentage of their capacity, but they are ideal to combine them in groups of great quantity with the idea of accumulating energy for a home electrical installation. Those electric scooters that have lost power are recycled, and it is those internal batteries that have a second chance in this type of project.

It is profitable?

Probably the most profitable method would be to have photovoltaic solar panels for immediate energy consumption and sell the remaining energy to the electricity company , but if you are a user very interested in this type of renewable energy and want to completely disassociate yourself from the electricity company (practically it is possible if the installation is as good as Joan’s), the energy storage is an excellent option.

The safest option with the fewest installation problems is to opt for a commercial battery such as the original Tesla Powerwall, but if you are up to speed and you are a romantic like Joan, creating your own PowerWall could be an incredible project that be able to complete one day.

In Joan Olaria’s channel you have many instructional videos with which to get started in terms of installation and assembly of this type of system, although obviously certain knowledge of electricity is required to be able to carry it out. We invite you to take a look at him because his work is amazing.

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