How to Create and Manage Notes on Huawei Mobiles with EMUI

It is usual that our daily life is full of numbers, appointments, and other issues, whether work or not, that need a certain organization. Luckily, Huawei phones include a complete notepad in which to make annotations as a draft, which we can consult at any time and share with other contacts.

Create and Manage Notes on Huawei Mobiles

A tool that is installed on all Huawei phones with EMUI is the Notepad. This app has improved a lot over time. Now, it allows you to classify content by category and group it into different folders, as well as delete unwanted notes or even share them with friends. Let’s take a look at everything we can do with the notepad on Huawei mobiles.

Manage notes on Huawei

Create a new note

In order to create a new note, we will have to enter the application then click on the “+” symbol at the bottom. Once done we will have to enter the title and content of the note. In addition, we can insert an image in the note, holding down the image symbol and dragging it to the desired position within the note. In order to organize the notes, we can click on the label symbol for each note. Once done, click on save and the note will be stored.

Create to-dos

In this case, we can create notes that have a set time to remind us of the importance of making them. When setting a time, our mobile will send us a reminder notification at the indicated time. To do so, we enter the “Pending” section and click on add. Now we enter the pending task and select the time of the reminder. Then we will click on Accept and finally on Save.

bloc de notas huawei

Categorize your notes

In the same way, we can classify the elements of the notepad , so that in this way they are easier to search. We can classify the content of the notepad by two methods

  • On the “All notes” or “My pending tasks” screen by sliding your finger to the left on an item and clicking on a category
  • Holding down an earring or a note, selecting the ones we want to classify in the same category, and pressing to select the category.

Share your notes

The notes we have created can be shared as text files or images. To be able to do this, we will have to go to the screen where all the notes or pending tasks are, and click on the note that we want to share. Then we choose the method to share and confirm.

Watermark power to notes

Likewise, we can put watermarks on our notes, choosing a text that can be printed on it . To do this, we touch on the contextual menu in the upper right part and click on Settings. Once inside we will see the option “watermark” and when we press it, a box will open to us to write the text we want.

marca de agua en bloc de notas

Delete the notes

Of course, we can delete all the notes created when they are no longer useful . In order to do this we have two different methods

  • Within the ” All notes or My pending tasks” screen, we will have to slide a note or a pending task to the left with our finger and then press on the trash can icon to delete it.
  • Press and hold a note or a pending task that we want to delete. Then we will select one by one the check boxes corresponding to other notes or pending tasks that you also want to delete to delete several at the same time, or drag your finger over all the check boxes and then click on delete.

Recover deleted notes

Finally, we will have the option to recover all the notes that we have deleted. To do this, click on “All notes” or “My pending tasks” and select the note that we want to restore in “Recently deleted”. Then click on the restore icon to return to having those notes in the main list.

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