How to Fix Problems Using the 5G Network on Android

Many users are starting to get hold of mobiles that have 5G technology, which has begun to take giant steps to be present in more and more devices, which has caused doubts or problems to appear in many users to be able to use the 5G network on Android mobiles . It is not something complicated, although we do have to take several things into account.

Fix Problems Using the 5G Network on Android

In mobile phones with 4G technology, we did not have to do anything more than insert our SIM card and at most configure the APN in Android, but with the 5G network, we must add others to these steps. Once we know that our mobile has a 5G network connection, not confusing it with 5 GHz WiFi networks, we will have to take all of the following into account and follow the steps that we show you.


  • We need a mobile rate with 5G
  • Can you use the 5G network in your area?
  • Mobile has 5G NSA or SA
  • Activating 5G on mobile is the key

We need a mobile rate with 5G

In addition to needing a mobile with 5G, we will have to have our telephone line and network contracted with an operator that offers us 5G connection . It is useless for us to have a mobile phone with technology, but not with a network provider that allows us to take advantage of it. In most operators, the basic rates currently only offer 4G + networks and therefore if we want to go one step further we will have to find the operators that offer it.

Ericsson Mobilty Report

It does not matter if it is an operator as such or an MVNO, as long as it allows us to navigate through the 5G network we can take advantage of it and use it on our mobile. For now, not all MVNOs and rates in different operators offer 5G, so we may need to do portability, change rates, or be patient until they implement 5G.

Can you use the 5G network in your area?

Although we have a mobile with this technology and a contracted rate with 5G, another barrier that we can find is the area where we live. For now, only large cities and important population centers have a 5G network in Spain. Little by little this will be expanded so that it reaches more users and offers us the advantages that we all want, but for now it is limited.

Redes 5G

Depending on our operator, we will have to check its own coverage map, currently highlighting the implementation that Vodafone, Movistar and Orange have made in Spain.

Mobile has 5G NSA or SA

Although we generally call all networks 5G, the correct thing would be to divide it into 5G NSA and 5G SA. The first of these is the adaptation of the 4G antennas that some operators have made to increase the speed of the network and offer better performance, but the true 5G network will arrive when 5G SA networks are implemented to obtain lower latency, greater capacity of much better devices and response times.

movil samsung mano 5g

This could be the barrier that causes 5G not to work on your Android mobile , if it is one of the first models that went on the market with 5G only NSA. To make sure of this, we will only have to consult the technical sheet on our site to find out if this is the problem. If you have 5G SA, you can also enjoy 5G NSA networks.

Activating 5G on mobile is the key

In case of meeting all the above requirements, the only thing that will be left is to proceed to activate 5G correctly on the mobile. In most Android mobiles the process is similar and although aesthetically the option changes, it is very similar in all of them. The steps we must follow to activate 5G on Android are the following:

activar 5g android

  • We enter Settings.
  • Then we access the option Mobile networks or Mobile data.
  • We touch on the option “Type of preferred network”.
  • Here we choose the option that allows us to use 5G.

In some smartphones, if the smartphone model is dual SIM and we are using both, we will also need to enter the SIM management to choose which of the two cards will be in charge of allowing us the mobile data connection.

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