How to Fix Updates on Huawei Phones with Google

Nobody said that the coexistence between Google and Huawei was going to be simple, something that as time passes and the problems appear makes it clearer. For those who have a Huawei mobile with Google services, either from the factory or installed using the method to get the GMS in Huawei, it is common for the notifications of updates in Huawei for some apps to create a conflict.

Fix Updates on Huawei Phones with Google

This occurs by having two different stores and services in the same mobile, which affects many other things such as battery consumption but notably updates. EMUI does not want Google to be the one to update and in the same way vice versa, which ends up causing a conflict where sometimes we can run into notifications and alerts to update the same service several times in the same day.


  • The key to the error in Huawei and Google updates
  • Get rid of EMUI update notifications
    • Ignore app updates in EMUI

The key to the error in Huawei and Google updates

We are facing a problem that should not exist if these two services offered the updates at the same time, but nevertheless, currently Google has the advantage . In the race for updates in apps, it comes long before Huawei and that causes us to make updates with the help of Google Play, although later AppGallery will eliminate it by updating it with a previous version, of which it should not even suggest us the update.

Huawei sin servicios de Google

This failure causes many people to spend the day making manual updates or that the mobile itself makes the day using automatic updates. We can choose not to do it automatically but the alert is still there. For now, the only thing we can do is move from the update alerts with EMUI through two methods.

Get rid of EMUI update notifications

The first method that we are going to know is the fastest and easiest, where we only have to prevent the notifications from reaching EMUI. To begin we will have to enter the AppGallery to follow the steps that we show you:

notificaciones actualizaciones apps huawei

  • We go to the Me tab within AppGallery.
  • Then we lower the Settings option.
  • Here in the first option, where it says download and update apps automatically, we choose “No”.

But nevertheless with this, the notifications will continue to arrive, sometimes even if we change the AppGallery option, therefore the best we can do later is the following:

  • We enter EMUI Settings.
  • We go to the Applications.
  • We touch on AppGallery.
  • Notifications.
  • And finally we remove the option to allow notifications.

Ignore app updates in EMUI

Another option where we have to repeat the process in each of the applications is to enter the AppGallery store, go to the Me tab, and then enter Updates. As you can see under each app we have a drop-down menu, where if we touch we can choose “Ignore”.

ignorar actualizaciones huawei

By touching here, we will be telling EMUI that we do not want this app to update itself with its help and only Google Play will take care of it.

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