How to Prevent the Xiaomi Phones from Turning on by Itself

As if by magic and without anyone touching or looking at the mobile, many Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco designs deal with the odd result of the screen turning on itself This has resulted in lots of doubts amongst users, encountering many forums, as well as English consulting with doubts about why this happens and if there is any option in this regard.

It is not the very first time that we see something like this, due to the fact that it is a misconfiguration on the part of MIUI which triggers the screen to decide to activate itself. With the steps to follow that we will offer you, you will have the ability to resolve the problem and you will not face this situation again, which in addition to doubts, assists the mobile battery to run out prior to time.

The choices that activate the Xiaomi screen alone

It is not just one option, however a number of that cause the mobile screen to activate without utilizing it in Xiaomi This has happened in both MIUI 11 and MIUI 12, having to follow the very same actions that we will explain to you to get it fixed. We simply have to make the following 3 changes that we reveal you:

pantalla bloqueo xiaomi miui ajustes

The steps to follow to get to this configuration are the following:

  • We go into Mobile Settings.
  • We go down to Lock Screen.
  • Inside we discuss the choices:
    • Lift to activate
    • Press twice to turn the screen on or off.
    • Trigger lock screen for notifications.

Simply going from having one of these alternatives enabled to disabling it might be resolved, however the others could still be the cause. You can pick to check one by one or if you don’t want to have to worry about the screen triggering itself on your mobile once again, shut down all three options.

Why does the screen turn on with these options?

Why do you believe about the reason that leads the screen to activate by itself, we are going to clarify all the causes that might occur. We have actually the choices triggered, if we do not move the mobile or do not touch the screen, it ought to not happen, however it is not what is taking place to us. To understand it we need to understand the following:

  • Raise to trigger: even if we do stagnate the mobile from the table, a little vibration or movement can be detected as enough to trigger the screen.
  • Press two times to activate the screen: this is the most complex alternative for it to be comprehended and for that reason it will be the only alternative that we would advise to leave active if we want to use it.
  • Activate lock screen to notify: the majority of the time the mobile screen turns on for this factor, although not all notices are permanent and appear on the lock screen. Some services send out short-lived alerts that in MIUI wake up the screen which is the reason why then there is no notification fixed.

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