How to Reset AirPods Max

The fact of restoring the factory settings of a device is something that should be internalized in all users. Even ‘simple’ headphones like the AirPods Max have this type of possibility. In this article we tell you how you can reset the settings of some AirPods Max.

When should AirPods Max be reset?

The AirPods Max, like any other technological device, can present failures. These will make the user experience look muddied, something that obviously nobody is interested in suffering. Most of the problems that can occur are related to the software, such as failures when pairing with a device or distortion in the sound or in the microphone pick-up. This is undoubtedly the solution that Apple will give you before starting other repair processes.

Reset AirPods Max

But this operation is not only limited to the technical failures of the AirPods. If you plan to sell them to someone else in the second-hand market, you should know that you always have to restore them from the factory. This is because the headphones are linked to your Apple ID and that is why in no case can you sell it with this active link, both for security reasons and for the convenience of the buyer. As is logical, when you are going to have them repaired, you must also deliver them ‘clean’ with this system, leaving the least information about you in them.

Reset AirPods Max

If the restart has not finished working, you will have to do a return to factory settings or restore. This way they will be as if you had taken them out of the box with everything configured by default. This is the best way to solve all problems, since if a process has been constantly in a loop this will end up solving it. The main problem that can obviously be encountered is that you will be forced to do the first configuration and link it with all the devices in your ecosystem. But it is certainly worth making this ‘sacrifice’ in exchange for having AirPods Max working properly.

Airpods Max

To restore them, you will simply have to charge them for a few minutes so that they are not with a 0 or very low charge. Once you have preloaded, you will have to perform the following steps:

  • Press and hold the noise control button.
  • At the same time press the digital crown.
  • You will see how the lower LED blinks amber. Don’t stop pressing the buttons.
  • As soon as the white LED appears, you can remove your fingers from the buttons.

From this moment on, the AirPods Max will be fully restored and you will be able to reconnect them to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. As we have mentioned, this connection will be made as the first one you made when you took the AirPods out of the box. This will end up solving all the problems you have or simply to be able to sell them in a comfortable way.

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