How to Switch Between WiFi Networks on iPhone

The capacity of many electronic products depends, to a large extent, on having or not a web connection, either through mobile information or through the WiFi network. That is why when the Wifi network to which you have your iPhone connected stops working or does not work as it should, we attempt to resolve it by changing the Wifi network, so in this post we are going to direct you step by action so you can do it without issues.

Why would you want to change the WiFi network?

Undoubtedly the main reason you wish to alter the WiFi network is because the one you are linked to at the minute does not work along with you would like, or even, and in the worst case, it does not work straight.

Switch Between WiFi Networks on iPhone

Currently, most business currently provide different WiFi networks depending upon the connection speed you have, so, depending upon the user’s requirements, it will be convenient to gain access to one or the other considering that some offer higher speed, however less range, and others, on the contrary, greater variety however at a lower speed, so it is hassle-free to adjust the Wi-Fi network to the usage that you are going to make from it.

That is why it can be fascinating to understand the actions to follow to change, when proper, in between the various WiFi networks that you have at home, in order, as we have commented previously, to adapt the WiFi network to the usage that we are going to do. her.

So you can alter the Wifi network on your iPhone

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The procedure is actually easy and, think me, it will only take a couple of seconds to do it, so we advise that you do not try to save it because it will make a distinction when it comes to enjoying or not having the ideal connection. Follow the next steps:

  • From the home screen, go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Activate Wi-Fi and the device will immediately look for readily available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Press the name of the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. In case this network is not known and is likewise personal, you will be asked to get in the password or you will not have the ability to gain access to it.

The moment the connection succeeds, you will see a blue check mark to the left of the wWi-Fi network name.

Your iPhone chooses for you which network it connects to

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When your iPhone automatically connects to networks, iOS starts with your chosen or preferred network, followed by private networks, and last but not least, public networks. This takes place in the following way, your iOS gadget assesses the SSIDs, which are the identifiers of sets of services, and identifies which network it has to sign up with immediately, as I have discussed, the order of preference is as follows:

  1. Your preferred network.
  2. The last personal network you connected to.
  3. A personal network.
  4. A public network.

Public networks are created for general access in public locations. Personal networks are those configured in houses, workplaces or those that you have actually set up through the Internet Sharing choice. In addition, understood networks are scored according to your actions, if you manually alter their SSID, their score goes up, if you disconnect manually, their rating decreases, therefore, chosen networks are the ones that accumulate the highest score throughout the weather. Finally, if iOS discovers several networks after assessing the criteria that we have talked about formerly, then prioritize the level of security.

Do you have issues with the wifi network?

Contact your operator

The first alternative that we recommend you make if you have a problem with your Wi-Fi network is that you call your operator, sometimes occurrences emerge in the network and among them may be affecting your web connection. We likewise advise that you inspect that the connection to that network is likewise failing on other devices to confirm that the problem is on the network and not on your device.

Contact Apple Support

If, after confirming the connection, you discover that the problem is not with this however with your gadget, we recommend that, if it has actually not been resolved after having actually carried out a reboot of it, you contact Apple so that they are the ones who can direct you to a satisfying option, bear in mind that you can call them through the Apple Support application, visiting a close-by Apple Store or calling 900 812 703 (complimentary in Spain) so that any Apple worker can assist you. and solve your problem.


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