How You Can Solve the Sound Problems of a Motorola

The sound of our phones is one of the essential facets to be able to enjoy a good user experience. Always maintain a volume adapted to our needs is the minimum we can ask our terminal. And in the case of some Motorola mobiles we have noticed certain problems to keep it stable. We bring you a solution to solve this problem.

Solve the Sound Problems of a Motorola

Sometimes the sound of our mobile does not work in the stable way that one would expect, and it is advisable to take measures so that this does not become a permanent problem. In the case of Motorola phones , we can do something to solve it.

Does this problem in the sound bother you?

It is quite annoying, because what happens is that randomly the multimedia sound of the phone is considerably reduced, making it impossible to raise it to that level. As you know in the latest versions of Android it is possible to control the volume of each source independently.

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For example, we can control in this way, the general sound of the phone, that of Bluetooth devices, that of Chromecast and ultimately of different sources that are active on the phone. If you see that the general volume of the phone has been reduced by half , and that when you turn it up again it goes down to the same level. Well, in those cases we can choose to restart the Motorola sound app, so that everything returns to its origin and the volume stops doing strange things.

How can it be solved?

Well, the truth is that it is something that can be fixed in the way that most things are solved in Android, and other operating systems, by restarting the sound application. And we do not say closing it and reopening it. But doing it through the operating system tools . For this we must do the following:

  • Enter the settings of your Motorola
  • Access “Applications and notifications”
  • Click on “Application information”
  • Find “Audio”
  • Click on the app “Moto Audio”
  • Select the “Force stop” button
  • Access “Storage”
  • Press “Clear storage” and “Clear cache”

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With this we will have practically restored the Motorola sound app to its initial values. Which will give us as a result that everything will return to its normal operation, which includes that the general volume of the phone is not reduced, and that it is not drastically reduced when we are watching some content, and what is worse, that it is not we can turn up the volume at will. Something that will also help after this is to restart the phone, and it would be strange if everything has not returned to normal after having done it.

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