Huawei: all the Settings and Options on the EMUI 10 Desktop

Our mobile has many customization options. Some are intended for the applications we use, the lock screen, the alarm or contacts. Almost everything can be put to our liking. Huawei phones with EMUI 10 have also improved all the options to edit the default options. But if we interact with something every day several times, it is the desktop or main screen, which also has a range of options to leave it as we want.

The main screen is full of applications, which can be edited to display in one way or another. In addition, within the desktop we find the News and Reminders Assistant, which is also editable. Many users are content to move icons around the screen, not knowing that there are many more options available, which will be very useful. Swiping our finger across the screen is something we do dozens of times a day, but we can change the way we do it or what we see on this screen.

opciones de escritorio en huawei


  • Main screen options
    • Icon Design
    • Lock layout
    • Auto align
    • Side Screens Scrolling
    • Publications

Main screen options

In order to manage the settings of the main screen, we must go to the desktop and click on an empty place, leaving it pressed until we see the options. Now, next to the widgets and the transition, we will see the “Main screen settings” that we will have to touch to access the options. Once inside we will see five different options to modify.

Icon Design

We are facing one of the most important configuration aspects, since we can choose the number of application icons that we want to see at most, both horizontally and vertically. EMUI 10 comes by default in the 5 × 6 option, but we can change it to 4 × 6 or 5 × 5. It all depends on the number of applications that we want to see at the same time. A smaller number will give a sense of greater order.

Lock layout

By clicking on the design lock, some applications are prevented from making changes and dislodging our settings . It is a kind of security measure to ensure that everything will remain in the same place.

opciones de escritorio en huawei

Auto align

By activating this function, we allow the system to rearrange the icons automatically so as not to leave empty spaces. If, for example, we delete one or two applications, those gaps will be filled by moving the rows, so that the system reorganizes them so that there are no spaces.

Side Screens Scrolling

This function is interesting, since it allows that when sliding the screens of the main screen , we can always return to the starting point. If it is not activated, the main screen will always have a “top”, while when activating the option, we will be able to slide endlessly between the screens.


When we swipe to the left of the main screen, Huawei phones can access the personal assistant, which shows smart reminders, personalized news and other content. In this option we can switch between Huawei Assistant or Google Discover, or directly deactivate the function . This option is now very useful for many users, who are changing Google Discover for Huawei Assistant due to the failures that are occurring with the first.

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