Huawei: How is the EMUI Sound Booster Activated and What is it for

On many occasions we see how hidden functions or more hidden than others, can be fundamental for many people. Huawei’s mobiles with EMUI 10.1 integrated a very interesting novelty, destined to use the microphone of our mobile to capture the sound and transmit it wirelessly to a Bluetooth receiver. The applications of this system are very useful and varied.

EMUI has been improving little by little and adding more and more interesting functions. Many of these functions are exclusive in the first instance for the most powerful terminals of the brand, although they tend to end up integrated in almost all devices. The option called Sound Booster , was released by the Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei P40 Pro + with the arrival of EMUI 10.1, although it was also integrated into the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the new Huawei Mate 40 Pro with EMUI 11.

sound booster huawei

How does it work

We are facing a sound amplifier that uses the mobile microphone to capture sound and transmit it wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker so that the sound is reproduced louder. There are many examples of what this function can be very useful for:

What to use it for

Watching TV with a hearing-impaired person: you can place your mobile near the TV speaker and provide the person with a Bluetooth headset to capture the sound. We can also use a Bluetooth speaker as a microphone, speaking directly to the mobile so that the voice comes out enhanced by the speaker. In a noisy environment, we can use our Huawei smartphone as a microphone and connect it to a Bluetooth speaker so that the sound is played louder.

Some may even have fun playing spy, listening to what is happening in a room in the house, or even controlling minors when they are not in sight. In reality, the applications are very varied and each one will give you the corresponding value.

How active

To be able to activate Sound Booster, we will have to go to the Settings of our Huawei and enter Sound and Vibration. Once inside, the Sound Booster option will appear at the bottom . We just have to press to activate it and then select the Bluetooth device to connect.

huawei sound booster

Possible limitations

The main limitation is that our terminal is not compatible with the function. However, it is also possible that it is, and that the Bluetooth device may not be able to pair properly with the Sound Booster either. We must also take into account that the capacity of the function is given by the Bluetooth range, so it is possible that if the mobile phone and the audio receiver are very far apart, we will not have a satisfactory experience.

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