In Which Store Can You Get the Cheapest iPhone 12

It’s been a few months since the iPhone 12 went on sale. It is not very common to see surprising sales on the apple phone, not at least until the next generation comes out. This does not mean that the terminal cannot find a discount. But to find out, we wanted to survey iPhone 12 prices in several major stores, to see which one has the lowest price at the moment.

iPhone 12

If we see an iPhone too low on some dubious website, it is best to run and not look back. The truth is that unlike the competition that exists in Android, Apple maintains very tight margins and the offers in the latest iPhone do not usually occur as often and in the amount that we see in Android. Fully immersed in 2021, we wanted to poll the prices of the iPhone 12 on some popular portals, to see who takes the cake for the lowest price.

Where is the cheapest iPhone 12?

On the Apple website

Why not, the first stop may be the official Apple website. However, we see how the iPhone 12 in all its variants, remains firm in its official launch price. This means that the different variants are found as follows:

  • iPhone 12 64 GB for 909 euros
  • iPhone 12 128 GB for 959 euros
  • 256 GB iPhone 12 for 1,079 euros

In Phone House

Phone House is also a good place to find good one-off deals. In fact, it is the first stop where we find discounts on the iPhone 12 . In this case, we can buy all three memory versions at a discount. However, it is a sale from a third-party store, which although it enjoys the trust of Phone House, it is not about the prices that we will find in the physical stores of the chain.

  • iPhone 12 64 GB for 845.99 euros
  • iPhone 12 128 GB for 930 euros
  • 256 GB iPhone 12 for 999 euros

iphone 12 en phone house

In MediaMarkt

In this shopping portal we also find the iPhone 12 with a discount. The funny thing is that sometimes the price varies depending on the color. However, we leave you the cheapest in the three memory versions. We already anticipate that the ones we have seen previously in Phone House do not improve.

  • iPhone 12 64 GB for 898 euros
  • iPhone 12 128 GB for 940 euros
  • 256 GB iPhone 12 for 1,059 euros

iphone 12 en mediamartk 01

At Fnac and at Movistar

We have also surveyed these two portals, but in this case, the Movistar and Fnac online store maintain the official prices of the iPhone 12 that we have seen previously. That is, 909, 959 and 1,059 euros for the iPhone 12 of 64, 128 and 256 GB.

iphone 12 en movistar

On amazon

At Amazon we find the best prices for the iPhone 12 64 and 128 GB, but curiously, the most powerful variant with 256 GB, maintains the official price of 1,059 euros. In this case, the shipping and management of the sale is done by Amazon.

  • iPhone 12 64 GB for 879 euros
  • iPhone 12 128 GB for 937 euros
  • 256 GB iPhone 12 for 1,059 euros

And reconditioned?

Keep in mind that the iPhone 12 has only been on the market for a few months, so it may be too early to have a thriving market for reasonably priced refurbished units that are well worth the bargains we’ve seen.

iphone 12 backmarket

However, on a website specialized in this type of product such as Backmarket, we found a 256 GB iPhone 12 for 1,039 euros . Taking into account the price we have seen on Amazon, or Phone House, it is clear that this modality is not worth it yet.

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