iPad Keyboard Covers: Models, Features and Prices

The great power and performance offered by some tablets has meant that on many occasions they are replacing laptops. And it is that no matter how light and compact a computer is, it is always much more comfortable to carry a tablet than a laptop. Now, so that we can use our tablet in total comfort and get the most out of it, the ideal is to use a physical keyboard, since the touch keyboard is not very comfortable and makes us write too slow.

In this case, although we can carry a wireless keyboard with our tablet, the ideal is to have a cover with a built-in keyboard. In this way, we can easily carry the keyboard next to the tablet while protecting it from any blow.

iPad Keyboard Covers

When we talk about using a tablet instead of a laptop, we have to bear in mind that if we want it to offer us good performance, it will have to have powerful hardware. In this sense, it goes without saying that the Apple iPad is one of the tablets that offers the highest performance, so if you are one of those who use the iPad to work or are thinking of doing it, you are surely thinking of buying a cover with a keyboard to get the most out of it. maximum possible performance and productivity.

Next, we are going to show a selection of keyboard covers for the iPad so you can replace your laptop. When choosing a model, there are several aspects and details to take into account: if it has Bluetooth connectivity so that the connection between the iPad and the keyboard is wireless, the version of the same to guarantee a synchronization as fast and stable possible, the autonomy of the keyboard so as not to have to be pending all day to have it to load, quality and material of the keyboard and the cover itself and if the keyboard includes the “ñ” key, although I am there are many people who do not they care too much. Even so, it is a detail to take into account as well.

Keyboard Covers for Apple iPad


Talking about Logitech is synonymous with talking about quality. This iPad keyboard case is compatible with the seventh generation of Apple device. It is a model with a case and wireless keyboard with Smart Connector technology so that the synchronization or pairing is with a simple click. It has backlit keys, high precision keys, four modes of use and an adjustable stand so that we can use the iPad in the most comfortable way at all times.

Jelly Comb

This model of keyboard case is compatible with the iPad 10.2 of 2020 and 2019, iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro10.5 2017. It has a backlit Spanish keyboard made of high-strength and detachable TPU. It has a 650 mAh battery that gives the keyboard an autonomy of up to 220 hours of use without light, while it is reduced to approximately 6 hours if we use it with lighting.


Another model of keyboard case for the iPad is this model from Sross. It is a case with a Spanish keyboard, so it includes the letter “ñ” compatible with the iPAd Air 4. The keyboard is easily removable and silent, has a 7-color switchable backlight and includes a touchpad to use as a mouse and that we can fully use the iPad as a laptop.


This keyboard case offers wide compatibility with different iPad models. It has a slot to store the Apple Pencil, a bluetooth keyboard in Spanish with the letter “ñ” and is made of high-end ABS, very light and comfortable to wear. To save on battery, it has a system capable of detecting that we have not used the keyboard for a while and it will automatically turn off the keyboard so as not to consume battery unnecessarily.


Slim magnetic case with Spanish keyboard compatible with various iPad models. It includes a slot to store the Apple Pencil, detachable Bluetooth keyboard and automatic function so that the screen is suspended or activated when closing or opening the case, thus saving on the consumption of the iPad battery.


Case with a Spanish keyboard that includes the letter “ñ”. Compatible with various iPad models of different generations, it has Bluetooth and has backlit keys. It is removable, allows it to connect with the case magnetically for a correct hold and the case offers multiple options to put the iPad with the best possible viewing angle. It also has a space to store the Apple Pencil.


This MoKo model is designed specifically for the Apple iPad 9.7 2018, leaving access to all buttons and functions. It has a very thin and light removable Bluetooth keyboard with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. The case is made of leather, has a magnetic closure and space to store the Apple Pencil.


This keyboard case offers great compatibility for use with most versions of the iPad. It has a slim and light design, it is made of synthetic leather and a microfiber interior to protect the iPad from any type of scratch or scratch. The keyboard is backlit and detachable, allows you to adjust up to three levels of brightness in the key lights and automatically connects to the iPad via Bluetooth. It has a sleep function to try to extend the battery life.


It is also compatible with various models and versions of the Apple iPad, although it is advisable to check the exact models before purchasing. It is a case that offers great protection for the device, has a space to store the Apple Pencil, and is made of leather for a better grip. It has a removable keyboard with bluetooth of great autonomy.


IPad case compatible with several models that offers good protection for our device. It has space for the Apple Pencil and a detachable wireless keyboard, sleep mode and automatic activation to save battery consumption and is made of soft PU and flexible TPU inner shell to protect the iPad from all kinds of bumps, dirt and scratches .

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