Is Call of Duty Warzone Down? Tips and Tricks to Fix it

It is possible that on event you have actually run into a crash in the Warzone servers that has not let you jump into the territory of Verdansk, or that you have not finished your multiplayer game due to a connection error. If that is your case, we leave you with some suggestions and suggestions to know how to identify the scenario and attempt to solve it.

Is it me or is it the game?

Call of Duty Warzone Down

The first thing you should recognize is if Warzone is truly down and has actually quit working or if you simply have a connection issue at home To do this, an useful option that you can do is to return to the main menu of your console and search the application shop to check if you still have an internet connection. You can also keep an eye on your mobile and examine if you still have internet on a various device.

Are the Call of Duty servers down?

Warzone caido

There is nothing like calling the game’s official support to understand precisely if there is a localized problem with the video game and its servers. To do this, we will only have to check out the main assistance page to take a look at the current status of the Call of Duty servers and completely get rid of doubts about it.

On the main assistance website you can discover in information the status of any of the deliveries that continue to be supported on Activision’s servers.

It might likewise be platform issue

COD Warzone

Depending upon the platform from where you play, you could also be suffering a crash of the servers of the console or the game service you are using, so you should also have a look in case the problem lies there. These are the various services that you can sign in case you continue to have issues:

If you play from console:

If you play from PC:

Know the information up to the minute


Another essential support is to keep an eye on social media networks to know from the very first minute any kind of event associated with the game. A search on Twitter with the term Warzone and Call of Responsibility might return some intriguing results, although as always, absolutely nothing better than depending on main sources to understand the problem first-hand.

The main Activision support account typically reports any concerns quickly, and you can also keep an eye on the Treyarch and Call of Duty accounts.

How can I fix the problem?

COD Warzone

If the connection error is on the side of the main Call of Task servers, regrettably you will have no option however to wait till the company restores the service. Ideally, you should not fill the servers with a lot of demands, so close the game and try once again after a couple of minutes.

If you have connection issues at home, it is best to shut off and restart the router so that it re-establishes a connection with your data supplier and hence attempts to end the connection issues.

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