Looking for a Nano-sized Laptop Mouse? The Best Models

Nano-sized Laptop Mouse

One of the best accessories you can buy for your computer is a laptop mouse. We are talking about a peripheral that has become almost an essential if you use your laptop regularly.

The truth is that the range of possibilities that exist when buying a peripheral of this type is very wide. You can find professional mice, very cheap mice … Although in the case of a laptop mouse , it is very likely that what you are looking for is that the product itself is really compact.

What a compact laptop mouse should have

Ratón portátil en una mesa

More than anything because, one of the great advantages of laptops is their versatility. Unlike a desktop model, this type of device can be used wherever you want. Either because you want to review some documents comfortably on the sofa, finish that movie that you had pending in bed or work outside the home, the ideal is to have a mouse that facilitates the task.

Because, let’s be clear. Although the touchpad that comes in any laptop can get you out of more than one trouble , its usefulness is just that: save you from some predicament in which you need to use the computer and do not have a wireless mouse at hand. But if you want to use your computer to work, so you will constantly need the cursor, better bet on a compact mouse.

Obviously, a model of this type must meet a number of characteristics to be considered “nano”. For example, the lightest has to do with its size. In most cases, if you are looking for a laptop mouse, it is very likely that you want this peripheral to have very moderate dimensions. In this way, you can take it wherever you want in your laptop sleeve, in your backpack or even in your pocket, without having to worry about anything.

Ergonomic and handy

On the other hand, it is very important that the model you choose is ergonomic. Remember that you are most likely using this peripheral for long periods of time, so it is better to choose a manageable mouse that will not wear you out after prolonged use. And, since we are talking about comfort of use, forget about a cable model.

Today the price difference is nil, and it makes no sense to use a wired mouse on a laptop. Simply because this element is going to get in the way with all probability. And unless you are an inveterate gamer who is concerned about response time, better bet on models with wireless connectivity.

Last but not least, a portable mouse has to be sturdy. More than anything because, due to its small size, it is more than likely that on some occasion it may suffer accidental bumps or falls. So better to bet on products that have resistant materials so that in a mishap of this type they do not break easily.

Now that the characteristics that a good mouse for your laptop must have are clear, let’s see what options we have selected for you.

Logitech M220

Ratón inalámbrico Logitech M220

The great reference when buying a laptop mouse is, without a doubt, Logitech. The Swiss manufacturer boasts a tall catalog where you will find models of all kinds. Are you looking for a small one? Your Logitech M220 will not disappoint. It measures only 3.9 x 9.9 x 6 cm so you can take it anywhere without noticing its presence.

Logitech M185

Logitech M185

Another excellent model from the Swiss manufacturer is this Logitech M185. A portable mouse that boasts a battery capable of lasting up to 12 months. Add to that the fact that you just have to connect it and start using it to have a product before you that will not disappoint you at all.

Lenovo GY50Z18990 530

ratón portátil Lenovo GY50Z18990 530

Underneath an impossible-to-pronounce name hides a portable mouse that won’t disappoint you at all. We are talking about the Lenovo GY50Z18990 530, a model that boasts a very attractive color, as well as great precision.

WisFox Laptop Mouse

Ratón para portátil de WisFox 

And what about this model from the WisFox firm. Its connectivity guarantees that you will not have LAG problems, so it is perfect to play the odd game of your favorite games.

VicTsing Laptop Mouse

Ratón para portátil VicTsing 

The manufacturer VicTsing is another of the great references when it comes to buying a compact mouse for your laptop. This particular model stands out for having ultra-quiet buttons, so you can work wherever you want without worrying about whether you can disturb someone.

EasyULT laptop mouse

Ratón para portátil EasyULT

Continuing with this compilation of the best laptop mice that you can buy, we want to recommend this model from the EasyULT firm. A product wrapped in a layer of textured rubber to offer a better grip.

TeckNet Laptop Mouse

Ratón para portátil TeckNet 

We continue with one of the smallest mice you can find. This model from the firm TeckNet has dimensions of only 6.2 x 3.6 x 10.2, in addition to a weight of 49 grams. You won’t know you’re wearing it!

INPHIC laptop mouse

Ratón para portátil INPHIC

Another excellent option to consider is this little mouse for ambidextrous users. A very slim model that will also be the best companion for your Apple laptop by offering a design that fits perfectly with the MacBook family.

Jelly Comb Laptop Mouse

Jelly Comb

In the case of this mouse from the Jelly Comb firm, this is a model that stands out for being very quiet , in addition to boasting a very ergonomic design so that you can use it for hours without any problem. The best of all? Which the manufacturer claims holds up to 300 million clicks. It is inexhaustible!

VicTsing Laptop Mouse

Ratón para portátil VicTsing

We close this compilation of the best options to consider if you want to buy a very compact mouse for your laptop with this other model from the VicTsing firm. A very versatile product, as it will allow you to choose between five different DPI levels . Find the option that best suits your needs!

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