Low-end PC SSD: Does It Improve Your Overall Performance?

It is true that solid drives are going to see an increase in demand in the coming months and years, especially since they are going to become an indispensable element for gaming and computers designed for high-performance tasks will gradually incorporate them, but there is a myth that low-end PCs do not benefit from the use of an SSD.

If you see that your office PC is too slow, perhaps a solution is to change the storage for one based on an SSD disk, not only your PC will gain speed, but also in productivity and you will not despair so much.

What do we understand as poor performance and what errors does it bring with it?


Low-performance computing is one in which great computing power is not needed to do its work, which means that processors, graphics and other elements are used that, although they would not measure up to more complex applications such as gaming, video editing or 3D modeling.

We tend not to pay attention when buying a PC for those environments, with components of poorer quality and even very slow. It would not be the first time that someone has a computer to do such tasks with an anemic 5400 RPM hard drive negatively affecting their work.

That we do not need a next-generation processor with a huge number of cores and a high clock speed does not at all mean that we should not look at the performance of other components, especially the storage unit.

An SSD makes a low-end PC faster than an HDD

Jerarquia memoria

There is a maxim in computing that says that the speed of an instruction is related to the data it manipulates, so if that same data is in RAM, the hard drive, an SSD or a conventional hard drive, then performance will not always be the same.

In the memory hierarchy, due to the nature of conventional hard drives, they are slower to access data than SSD drives, even if the same interface is used, such as the SATA interface. That is why when we replace one type of storage with another we always see an improvement in performance.

But we usually think that the use of an SSD for what are high performance applications, well let us tell you that this association is false and that the best thing is that if you can choose between a solid state drive you do it.

With an SSD you save time and therefore productivity

Tiempo Productividad

One of the things that happens in many work environments where low-performing PCs are used, especially in offices and in school computer rooms, is the time the computers are turned on. Waiting time that is due to the slowness of the hard drives and the latency that they provide when executing the entire process.

With an SSD this does not happen, since the loading time is much less and this is minutes of work that you end up saving. It may seem like a trifle, but if you have an office with several computers or a classroom, then if you count the time it takes for computers to turn on at the end of the year, these are hours of teaching or work lost.

Even if you work from home and therefore dedicate yourself to teleworking, increasing the speed of access to your computer’s data implies a considerable increase in productivity, which can translate into money saved or having to do fewer hours of work.

What options do I have to install an SSD in my low-end PC?


If your board is relatively new it will surely have slots on it to install M.2 modules. If not, then you can install one of the 2.5 format SSDs with a SATA interface that are sold on the market.

In the case of laptops, some have M.2 interfaces for expansion, so we recommend that you install a disk of this type in your computer, in case you do not have it and your computer is very old, then we recommend replace the conventional hard drive, yes, make a backup first before installing the SSD drive inside.

Once you have replaced the antediluvian hard drive with an SSD you will see an increase in performance, which will improve your productivity and the performance of your PC.

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