Methods to Know if a New Mobile Has Dual SIM

DualSIM functionality is very useful for large number of users . Whether it is to take advantage of two different types of rates from two different operators, or to separate personal life from professional life, having a mobile that has this option never hurts. If you are one of those who has received a new mobile from Reyes, you may be wondering if your brand new smartphone supports this possibility.

There were not so many DualSIMs that we found in the past. When the mobiles were in the hands of the operators and they were blocked for a certain network, the manufacturers did not find sense in launching this type of terminals, which had to be found mainly in the import market. Now almost all brands offer DualSIM devices. We are going to see the simplest formulas to identify them.

Check the tray

It is not DualSIM

With this test we will know without any doubt if it is a “boy or a girl”. By removing the SIM card tray, we can quickly identify whether or not we are facing a DualSIM terminal . If it is not, we will have before us a card like the one we see in the image below, where one space is dedicated to the SIM card, and the second is usually reserved for the memory card.

Modelo Single SIM con tarjetas Nano-SIM y micro-SD Yes it is DualSIM

If, on the contrary, we find a tray of the style that we have below , it means that our new mobile has DualSIM. In this case and always speaking in general, we will see two spaces for cards (microSIM or nanoSIM). In the best of cases, we can also cross a memory card, with which we are facing the perfect combination. Other variants allow you to choose between having two SIM cards, or a SIM card and a microSD card.

Modelo Dual SIM

Take a look at the box

We may need to know if the mobile is DualSIM or not, but we do not want to open the box in case we have problems when returning the device. In this case, the box may be the solution, since if it is DualSIM, it could appear in the technical specifications reflected. However, this is not an infallible method, since depending on the mobile, the information may be minimal and does not allow us to leave doubts.

realme caja

Inside Settings

If we have already turned on the mobile, we can solve doubts if we enter the settings and go to the network settings. If we are looking at a DualSIM terminal, it will not take long to see the settings for SIM 1 and SIM 2, which may be reflected although disabled if we do not have two cards inserted.

samsung ajustes sim

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