Mobile “” Error. Solution and Tips to Avoid It

Like any other operating system, Android is not without its problems. One of the most common problems faced by Google OS users is the error . It is not the most serious that can appear on your mobile or the most innocent but, like everything in life, it has a solution.

Of course, before trying any of the solutions that we propose in the following lines to end this particular problem, the first thing is to make sure that the phone is running with the latest version of the software. If there is an update available, first download and install it. If the error keeps appearing, then that’s when you can start working on it.

Why does this error appear?

There are several reasons why this error can appear repeatedly on mobile. The most common is usually installing a custom ROM or having run a failed firmware update. It has also been discovered that the error often appears when restoring applications through a backup or due to failures in the download manager and media storage.


Whatever the reason, what we care about is fixing it, for which you should try one of the following solutions.

Solutions to the error

Restart the phone

The phone generally stores the data most used by the user to improve its performance. This data can sometimes get corrupted, resulting in the error that appears on the screen, so you should delete this temporary data from the phone by restarting the device.

Do this by pressing the on / off button, select Restart and wait a few minutes. Then turn on the mobile again and check if the error has stopped still appears.

Clear cache and data from Google Play and download manager

There are cases where corrupted data within the Google Play application can cause this problem. If this is the culprit, you will need to clear the cache and data for both apps from the following path:

  • Go to Settings> Applications> Manage applications
  • Select Google services and access Storage
  • Clear cache and data
  • Find Google Play and clear cache and data too
  • Restart the phone

borrar cache

Repeat the process with the phone’s download manager, which will clean up any recently downloaded files that have become corrupted on the phone

Check if the error keeps giving you headaches after using your phone for a few hours.

Try resetting the app preferences

Sometimes this problem can be caused by certain applications overriding the functions of other applications. To eliminate this possibility, you will have to reset the preferences of the phone application.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select Applications.
  • Press the three dot icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select Reset app preferences.

Clear your Contacts app cache and data

Many of the cases in which the problem appears are solved by deleting some corrupted data within the Contacts application, if this is the case, you will have to clear the cache and data of this application as we have done before, except that you should make sure you have a backup before performing this step, as deleted contacts can be erased

  • Open the Settings app on the phone again.
  • Select Applications
  • Find the Contacts app
  • Click Storage.
  • Click Clear data and Clear cache.

Check if the problem recurs in safe mode

Sometimes an app that you downloaded from the Google Play Store can cause this problem. To check if this is what is causing the error to appear continuously on the phone , you will need to start the phone in Safe Mode, where the pre-installed applications can run.

modo seguro LG

To enter this mode you have to turn off the phone and turn on by holding down the power button. Release it when you see the mobile brand logo on the screen and immediately press and hold the volume down key until the phone fully boots up. Once the phone starts up, “Safe Mode” should appear at the bottom of the screen.

Use your mobile for a long time and see if the failure is repeated or not. If the problem does not occur in this mode, it could be due to an application that you have recently downloaded so you will have to locate it through the “trial and error” system and uninstall it.

Repeat this step until the problem disappears.

Clear the system cache

There are cases where the cached data stored in the dedicated partition of the phone can get corrupted. When this happens, certain problems generally occur on the phone. To eliminate the possibility that this is what is causing the problem, you will have to clear the system cache from recovery mode.

Turn the phone off and on by holding down the power and volume down buttons at the same time. Once you access the recovery of the mobile you will have to scroll with the volume keys to the wype cache partition menu. Accept by pressing the power button and wait for the system cache to clear and the phone re-offends.

Hard reset

In case the previous steps do not solve the problem with the message, the best way to solve it is to perform a factory reset that leaves your mobile phone fresh out of the box, losing photos, data and apps installed on it. mobile. For this reason, you should make sure to back up your phone data before doing the reset.

Xiaomi borrar datos fabrica

To “clean” the phone go to Settings, System (or additional settings)> Backup and restore> Erase all data.

When the smartphone is turned on again after this step, do not recover your data from a backup at the moment. Set from zero and check that the failure does not repeat itself while you use the mobile.

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