Most Successful Mobile Brands in 2020

The actors who share the sales pie has changed a lot in Europe in recent years. If you have been given a new mobile and you are not a regular reader of technology, you may have finished in this article to find out more about the mobile brand that you now have in your hands and that has succeeded so much this year.

Most Successful Mobile Brands

It is surprising how in the last three years, new brands have bet on Europe to win the hearts, and the pockets of users. These mobiles offer a great quality / price ratio. For this reason, it is possible that the Three Wise Men have opted for one of these firms, which in some cases have already positioned themselves as the most sold on portals such as Amazon.

Xiaomi, more than established

Although for us it is present on a day-to-day basis, Xiaomi is still unknown to many people. Its foundation dates from 2010, its official release took place in 2017 , although many specialized users have been buying their products for more years when the only option was importation. Xiaomi arrived at the ideal time, to pick up the gap left by other destined brands that have disappeared from the scene such as BQ.

Thanks to its expansion and arriving at the right time, it has managed to be the company that sells the most terminals, according to Canalys data for Q3 2020. It has an advantage over its more recent arrival rivals and is gradually losing its being the great unknown, fruits that Huawei also achieved in its day.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

OPPO, a giant awake

If you have been left with a poker face because they have given you an OPPO mobile, you can now remove it, because you will have in your hands a terminal manufactured by one of the world giants in the sale of smartphones. The Chinese company OPPO belongs to the giant BBK Electronics and officially released in 2019. At the moment it is the fastest growing brand in the sale of terminalsn and has an increasingly extensive catalog.

Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunication was founded in 2004 and long before its official release, back in 2015, it signed an agreement with FC Barcelona to launch special editions in China, on the grounds of the Blaugrana club.


Realme, young and for young

Realme officially arrived at the end of 2019 . It still sounds much less than OPPO or Xiaomi, but it has a solvent portfolio. OPPO mobiles were born as a sub-brand of OPPO, but nowadays they separate paths to focus on a different audience.

Realme is a young company par excellence that grows at a frenetic pace. You shouldn’t be surprised to have a Realme in your hand, when the brand has expanded rapidly since its creation in 2018. It is now present in 61 markets and in just two years it has managed to place itself among the top five in more than 13 countries.


Samsung, always hitting the spot

Where other classic brands on the mobile scene have failed to adapt, Samsung, which needs no introduction, has managed to contain like no one the attack by Chinese brands. The Galaxy A family has positioned several terminals as the best sellers of 2020, with the Galaxy A51 at the top, which only during the first quarter of the year managed to sell more than 6 million units.

Samsung Galaxy A51

Alive, the newcomer

She is a newcomer, since the Covid-19 pandemic has truncated her official release for months. If you are launching a Vivo, you will be one of the first owners of a brand that is sweeping in China and was founded in 2009. Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd is based in Dongguan, Guangdong and although it is a subsidiary of the BBK Electronics group, it operates independently as a brand that has come to play strong fighting with blunt weapons against all its rivals. Although we have not yet seen its potential translated into sales, it is a candidate to be one of the brands that will make the most noise in 2021 and years to come.

Vivo Y12s

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