Motorola Presents Its Wireless Charging at Distances of Up to One Meter

Today the day is “loaded” with news. After this terrible joke, we remind you that a couple of hours ago Xiaomi presented its Mi Air Charge technology that allows you to charge devices in a room without cables or a charger, also simultaneously. Whims of fate or not, it turns out that Motorola has just announced something similar.

Today, the Lenovo-owned brand officially showcased its long-distance charging technology . The general manager of Lenovo’s mobile phone business department in China, Magic Jinge, said that the charging distance can be much greater than the current contact charging based on Qi technology, empowering a simultaneous charging of several mobile phones, a higher degree freedom and, above all, a necessary security.

Motorola Presents Its Wireless Charging

This video shows the first steps of this new Motorola technology.

How is the new Motorola wireless charging?

The video we hosted on these lines shows that when two Motorola Edge mobile phones are placed 1 meter apart and the other 80 cm apart, both mobile phones can be charged. Of course, for the moment the operation is not spatial since it bases its functionality on keeping the two devices facing each other in a straight line. Also, when the charging transmitter equipment is blocked by hand, both mobile phones stop charging. Logically after removing the hand, the phone begins to charge again.

This shows that the technology is still in its infancy and that it is not yet 100% comfortable, having to keep the terminals facing each other and without extra elements in between. However, it is a more than considerable advance when we consider that it makes it unnecessary to keep the phone and charger together.

Since the phones that appear in the video belong to the Motorola Edge family, it is expected that this line will be the first that can be compatible with this hypothetical technology in the event that the firm decides to commercialize it.

motorola edge s colores 02

To date there is no more data on Motorola’s new wireless charging technology but it is interesting to see how brands are putting a special interest in improving the charging systems of our batteries, since their autonomy seems to have peaked and not it can be expanded without compromising the design and, above all, the thickness of the current devices that we all carry in our bags or pockets.


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