New Carousel View in Instagram to View Stories from Computer

New Carousel View in Instagram

It is true that Instagram is one of those applications designed to be used mainly on the phone, but having the resources that the company has, it is surprising that they do not make developments with the idea of improving the experience on other devices. Luckily, now comes a new way to view Instagram stories on your computer and make up for the rest a bit.

Instagram stories on big screens

The format of Instagram stories is something already known to everyone. When the company introduced them, it copied exactly the way Snapchat displayed these small short video clips or photos: a portrait view to take full advantage of the screen of mobile phones and the way they are normally held.

However, what is optimal in a device like the smartphone turns out to be the opposite in others where the dimensions and orientation of the screen change. We refer to the use of Instagram on a device such as a computer or tablet. There, because of that type of screens with a 16: 9 aspect ratio or similar, the viewing experience has never been optimal.

Now Instagram decides to compensate a little for the lack of interest it has shown regarding the use of the platform on devices other than mobile, and it does so with a new way of viewing stories on the computer.

Although it is true that it is not a radical change, now when viewing stories on the desktop version of Instagram it feels that all the available space on the screen is used much more through a carousel-type view .

Thus, as you can see in the image, the history of the profile that has been selected will continue to be in the center, and on the sides those of the rest that you have already seen or that you will see once they finish or skip those that you are seeing in this precise instant.

In addition to all this, this new carousel view has also been added new additional controls and an improvement in the visualization of the existing ones to make interaction much easier. They are small changes, which surely have not cost them a huge job, but which provide a notable improvement when using the platform through a web browser on a desktop system.

How to access the new Instagram Stories view on PC

In order to access this new carousel that shows Instagram stories on the web or desktop version of the platform, you don’t have to do anything strange. All you have to do is access the Instagram page and once inside, click on the icons of the stories of the profiles you use. When you do, you will see that the view automatically changes and shows this new carousel.

If you want to enjoy it to the maximum, it is best to use the browser in full screen mode. Now it will take up your entire desktop and you will be able to see in greater detail and without “fewer” distractions the stories published by the accounts you follow. In addition, with the arrow keys of the keyboard you can move between the stories. When you get to the last one that publishes a profile, if you click the right arrow again, you will jump to the first one of the following, on the contrary, with the left arrow you go back until you can reach those of other profiles already seen.

What you can and cannot do on Instagram from your PC

With this, you are probably wondering what you can and cannot do through the web version of Instagram. So we quickly summarize it for you:

What you can do on Instagram from your computer

  • Check your feed with all the publications of the profiles you follow and your own
  • Play publications in video format
  • Like others’ posts
  • Comment on any post
  • Save posts to your own collections
  • Search by users, tags, or locations
  • Access the Discover section
  • See the interactions that take place with other users
  • Access your profile and edit it
  • Manage the accounts you want to follow or stop
  • Access to your account settings

What you cannot do on Instagram from your computer

  • Publish new content such as photos or videos (or almost)
  • Delete or archive posts from your profile
  • Complete configuration of all available settings from the mobile app for iOS or Android

As you can see, the most interesting thing that would be to be able to publish from the computer is not available. It is true that there is a little trick that consists of creating the platform that you are accessing from a mobile browser and you could. Here we explain how to publish on Instagram from the computer, but ideally it would be an official solution.

Mac users are still a bit closer, because newer M1-chip Macs like the Mac mini can now run native iPhone applications. So it would only be enough for the company to adapt it to allow use. But there is nothing confirmed that it will happen, so we will have to keep waiting.

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