New Corsair Driver in Windows: Blue Screen and Boot Failure

Problems with Windows 10 continue towards the end of the year. And everything, in the end, revolves around the same thing: updates. Throughout the year we have seen how Microsoft has screwed up time and time again with automatic updates to Windows 10. And we have also seen how, to try to avoid problems, it has automated many tasks, such as downloading and installing drivers through Windows Update. However, it seems that this is also causing problems, especially if we have a Corsair keyboard, mouse or other peripheral , reaching the point that our PC does not turn on due to a bad driver.

For a few days, users who have peripherals from this manufacturer connected to their PC have been finding that their operating system is working incorrectly. There are even cases where Windows has stopped booting, displaying a critical blue screen during boot.

New Corsair Driver in Windows

A compatibility problem is responsible

All of this is due to the release of a new version of the ” CorsairVBusDriver ” driver through Windows Update. This new version has been distributed to all users automatically and, when installed on the PC, we find that it is incompatible with the previous version, causing a conflict that triggers the critical screenshot.

It is true that the incompatibility problem is due to the use of a very old version of the driver, specifically 2.x. If we already have version 3.0 of the Corsair software, iCUE, installed on the PC, we will have no problems updating to the new version from Windows Update.

Drivers are a very sensitive element of the operating system. Therefore, when something does not work as it should, we find ourselves with stability problems or, as in this case, with a blue screen loop that prevents us from using the PC correctly. Fortunately, this problem has a solution.

Troubleshoot Corsair driver in Windows 10

Both Microsoft and Corsair are already aware of this problem, and therefore, we will soon see a new version of the driver.

Since the problem is due to the fact that version 2.x of the CorsairVBusDriver driver is not compatible with version 3.x, the easiest way to solve these problems is, when we see the driver update in Windows Update, uninstall CUE 2.0 before download the new version of this driver. In this way, the conflict does not appear and we can install the driver without problems.

If we are already caught in the blue screens and the bootloop, then what we should do is try to repair the PC from the computer’s recovery options. These will appear after the third blue screen followed, and in them we will have to go to the “Advanced options” section to select the ” Restore the system ” option.

Restaurar sistema

This new problem makes us think again about whether it is really a good idea to leave driver updates to Windows Update. It is clear that neither Microsoft nor the manufacturers carry out the corresponding controls to the drivers before sending them in bulk to the users, and this translates into problems.

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