New Patch to Fix CHKDSK and SSD Error in Windows

The last updates of the year have not come without problems. Windows 10 users have found that after installing the security patch KB4592438 in the 2020 versions of Windows 10, all kinds of problems have started to appear. However, in addition to performance problems and blue screens, one of the most worrisome is when using the CHKDSK command to analyze and repair the hard drive, literally doing the opposite and leaving it totally unusable if we use an SSD drive on our PC.

This problem appears when we manually execute the command “chkdsk c: / f”, one of the most used commands to analyze and repair the Windows hard disk. This command, to be run from the CMD, should theoretically be in charge of scanning the hard drive or SSD for errors or bad sectors and applying a fix if any corrupted data is detected. However, after the latest patch from Microsoft, this command does the opposite.

New Patch to Fix CHKDSK and SSD Error

After running it, Windows 10 users with SSD drives have started to encounter critical blue screens with the ” Stop-Error NTFS File System ” error message preventing them from continuing to use the computer. The problem is that, when this error is generated, the Master File Table is corrupted, leaving the operating system totally unusable.

At first, everything indicated that this problem was not going to be solved until January 2021, since Microsoft is closed for Christmas. However, it seems that we have been lucky.

Microsoft supports and fixes the problem with SSDs and CHKDSK

Microsoft has admitted that a small number of users have been affected by this problem. And, therefore, the company has released an emergency patch that corrects this flaw. Unmanaged device users affected by this issue will find a new patch that they will need to install to address these issues.

Ejecutar CHKDSK

The patch has already been released, although it may take up to 24 hours to fully propagate. Users not affected by this bug directly will not receive the patch as it is unnecessary. And with the arrival of the January 2021 security patches, the problem will be mitigated for everyone.

What to do if CKHDSK has corrupted my hard drive

In addition to solving the problem, Microsoft has also provided a solution for those users who, after running the system check, have been left with this unusable. To do this, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • After several failures when logging in in a row, we should see the Windows recovery console .
  • We will select Advanced Options> Command Prompt.
  • We run “chkdsk / f” in the Windows console, and let it do a full scan of the PC. It may take a while.
  • When it finishes, we execute “exit” to close the console.
  • We restart the PC.

After these simple steps, our Windows PC should restart without problems . In case we get back to the recovery console, we simply have to select the option “Exit and continue with Windows 10” to continue with the normal boot of the PC.

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