New “Super Wallpapers” for your Xiaomi with MIUI 12

One of the great novelties of MIUI 12 that, unfortunately, not all users can enjoy, are the “Super Live Wallpapers “, several impressive moving wallpapers with different effects and transitions. The company keeps adding new examples with each update and new funding is now coming to the Chinese brand’s operating system.

In recent months, new wallpapers have been added to the versions of the operating system and the latest nightly iteration of MIUI 12 adds two more wallpapers. Best of all, the guys at XDA have made these wallpapers usable on any Android device.

Super Wallpapers Xiaomi with MIUI 12

Download the new Super Live Wallpaper from Xiaomi

Geometry and Snow Mountain are the new wallpapers of the Chinese firm’s operating system. As you can see from the attached tweets, the Snow Mountain wallpaper offers a unique unlock animation that zooms away from the top when the device is unlocked. The sky and landscape in the wallpaper change color depending on the time of day, and it also features some subtle animations that fire when you switch from one page to another on the home screen.

On the other hand, the Geometry wallpaper consists of a set of geometric shapes in motion in various colors and with different levels of opacity. It has two versions, a bright one with a light blue background and a dark one with a black background. In both versions, the geometric shapes move as you scroll through the home screen pages. However, unlike Snow Mountain wallpaper, it does not change color depending on the time of day.

All MIUI 12 live wallpapers require the use of OpenGL for animations. Therefore, they require a device capable of running as smoothly as shown above.

On compatible brand mobiles you will find them in the Xiaomi Themes app, but on other smartphones you will have to carry out a manual installation by downloading the APK . Please note that the funds will not be compatible with mobiles that use an Exynos, Kirin or MediaTek processor, due to a different implementation of OpenGL ES.

redmi note 8 miui 12

Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to choose the wallpapers from your device’s wallpaper picker. If they do not appear in the wallpaper selector, you will have to install the Google Wallpaper application from the Play Store to apply the wallpapers.

Source> XDA Developers

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